When your family grows, often your house has to grow too. Using agents can often send prices spiralling, so we asked the wonderful Sarah Beeny from Tepilo to tell us all about how to sell a property online.

It happens to us all sooner or later. Those carefree days of being a 20-something are behind you, and your living situation now revolves less around proximity to the nearest night-spot and more around the best local primary schools. But what impact does a growing family have on housing decisions?

Starting or expanding your family is an exciting time, but if this is coincided with finding a new home it can also be quite frankly terrifying. I think when buying a home with family in mind, it’s crucial to find the balance between yours and your partner’s wants and needs, as well as the needs of your children and practicalities of family life. For example, it’s a given that your children will need to attend a school, and I’m sure as parents you’ll want this to be the best school possible. But then again, if the best school in the world is the most remote area of the antarctic, yes your children’s brains may be filled with fantastic knowledge, but at the end of the day you will all be miserable.

Another important thing to bear in mind is moving to a safe and friendly area. After all, we all have that image of our kids riding up and down the street on their bikes, don’t we? So try and find as much out about your neighbours as possible before signing those papers. As well as the feeling of safety knowing a trusted neighbour has a spare key in case of emergencies, Brits can save a significant amount by relying on those living nearby for skilled help. This can range from unclogging a sink to jump-starting your car. 56% of people who ask a neighbour for help in sticky situations these situations save an average of £60 each year.. and when you’re spending an average of £222,000 per child from birth to graduation, that £60 is not to be taken lightly.

School is where your children will spend the majority of their childhood, so moving to an area that’s close to a good school is a must. There are great sites such as Tom Brown (http://www.tom-brown.com/) and The Good Schools Guide (https://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/) which allow you to search for schools in your preferred areas, view their ofsted reports, parent reviews and overall suitability to your child’s need. These are a great accompaniment to your property search to help you hone in on the perfect areas for you.

The 2012-2013 census exposed the fact that 30.3% of all house moves occurred because of ‘family’, and there’s good reason for that. Safety, size, community and schooling are just a few or the many reasons that exist to generate such a high % of overall relocations. But whilst your nesting instinct may urge you to move into a more ‘suitable’ property, your income may not. Maternity leave often means that your household income is halved and those baby bills are stacking up, not leaving much room for moving costs.

High street estate agents charge as much as 1.5%-5% +VAT in agency fees for sale of your property, meaning that if you were to sell your £400,000 property on the highstreet you could be paying your estate agent up to £7200 for the pleasure. And if you’re scraping the pennies in order to buy a new buggy or family-friendly car, £7200 is an awful lot of money and despite this you don’t always get the service you really want.

When I started Tepilo I myself had a growing family and could empathise with the struggles of selling and moving with that stress on the side and we developed the business with a strong focus on customer service, flexibility and cost. Selling online not only saves our vendors thousands in fees but allows as much or little flexibility as a vendor wants. You can let us do your viewings or do them yourself at a time convenient to your life. You can let us take control of the whole sale process or track each step of the way with our app fitting everything around your busy life.

Wherever you’re moving to and however you decide to do it, just remember that what may seem like an upheaval at the time will ultimately result in a big, happy, loving family home. Persist, stay optimistic and try and enjoy it, because after all, it’s an exciting time!

We encourage sellers to contact our agents to discuss how Tepilo could work for them, and you can also see how much you’d roughly save with our savings calculator

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