The right detox or cleanse can do wonders for wellbeing. With benefits such as improved energy and helping to re-balance hormones, a cleanse can be especially helpful before or after having a baby. It’s ironic that when you are most in need of a cleanse you are often short on time and energy. However there are now many companies that take the hassle out of detox by delivering programmes directly to your door. The only problem then is researching which one is right for you!

Nutritional Therapist Belinda Mann noticed this problem when many of her clients and friends were asking her to recommend which detox delivery programme was best suited to them and she decided to set up a free advisory site called Which Detox?

“There are many companies now offering detox deliveries so there is a lot of choice on offer which can be confusing. Many companies don’t have an in house nutritionist to advise people on the right plan for them. Some people have more complex health needs than others which need to be catered for and then there are people who are generally confused about detox in general and which plan is going to suit them.

People have questions such as “is all the food organic? Are programmes bespoke? Can the companies work around food intolerances? Is there a nutritionist on hand? is the cleanse designed to loose weight or address specific medical conditions?” And after filling out a short questionnaire Belinda can advise on the best program taking any client questions into consideration.

Why did you decide to start WhichDetox?

As a nutritionist so many clients and friends were asking me about which detox delivery plan would suit them best so I was inspired to set up the Which Detox? website offering free advice. Living in the London we are lucky to have so many detox delivery options available to us, but all are offering slightly different things and can be difficult trying to work our which one is right for you. 

Does detoxing mean I’ll be drinking cold juice for a week?

The short answer is No. Detoxing is meant to be about cleansing your body – not stressing or shocking it. There are many ways to detox. Vegetable juice fasting can be very effective, but it is certainly not for everyone. Many companies have alkalising whole food detox options, and many also offer warm options which are much easier on us during the winter.

Is Detoxing a diet fad that can harm my body?

Far from being a modern fad detoxing is a way to bring the body back into balance that has been used for thousands of years by many cultures. For many people coming back into balance does result in weight loss but that is not the main aim – the aim is to improve health. Having said that it’s important anyone with a medical condition to seek advice from their GP beforehand. Under the right care a detox can help with many health conditions.

As a Nutritional therapist is there a specific detox you like to do personally?

I’m very much a believer in personalised nutrition and there is always going to be one detox that suits one person more than another. One persons ‘detox’ is another persons normal day of eating (like someone who is already raw vegan for example – their normal diet could be considered a detox for many other people). It’s all about making it as bespoke as possible and finding the right fit for each client. If someone has a very unhealthy diet then going on a juice diet without any preparation can shock their body. 

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