For this weeks new maths activity I thought I would introduce the concept of heavy and light to my youngest charge. Before going to pick her up from nursery I set up our weighing station on the kitchen table.

When we got home, she disappeared upstairs for a while, turns out she was scattering fairy sand all over her bedroom floor. When she did eventually enter the kitchen she gave a little squeal of delight to see her mini Minnie Mouse and baby camel on the table, along with other objects. After I explained what we were going to do later, it was all I could do to get her to finish her snack.


She decided Minnie felt light

For your own how heavy is it activity you will need:

  • A set of scales
  • An array of household items
  • Post-it notes cut into the shape of an arrow

Definitely heavy

Before we did anything I asked her which object she thought was the heaviest; she did actually pick the right one (which was the bag of rice). Then we sorted all the items into a heavy and light pile. When she couldn’t decide where the object belonged, she would pick up another object to compare it with.


The lemon was the same weight as the vitamins

When we started to weigh everything we stuck post-it notes to where the arrow pointed. That way we could put everything into an order. We didn’t worry about any of the actually weights, as this activity was concentrating on the concept of heavy and light.


She was right about the rice being the heaviest item

Once we had finished the objects placed out, my little one wanted to weigh everything else she could find. Then she suddenly decided she wanted to find something that made the arrow go all the way around. We tried everything that would fit onto the scale; in the end the heaviest thing we could find was the bin that had the dog toys in.

She really seemed to enjoy doing this activity, and picked up the idea of what was light and heavy, and what was lighter and heavier.

This activity could help development of:

  • Categorising objects according to properties such a weight
  • Awareness of similarities of objects dimensions
  • Order items by weight

Maybe the lid would make it heavier