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Living / 14 January, 2019 / Ellie Thompson

What is White Noise? The Sleep Saviour That Will Help Your Baby Sleep

myHummy’s family of white noise emitting bears are the dream team when it comes to achieving a peaceful night’s sleep. According to experts, white noise increases the likelihood of a newborn baby falling asleep by three times.

Newborns can find the outside world a very unsettling place; overwhelmed with unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds that in turn, can disrupt sleep. The soothing consistency of white noise reminds your baby of the safe and enclosed environment in your tummy, helping them drift off to sleep.


What is white noise?

White noise sounds like static on a television, it’s a sound containing many frequencies with equal intensities. Pink noise is similar, but the power per hertz decreases as the frequency increases, producing a more delicate sound. Experts have compared pink and white noise to the sound of blood flow whooshing around the placenta. It’s this similarity that helps soothe and calm your baby.

The awarding-winning myHummy Family

There are six myHummy bears grouped into two families: The Sweethearts and The Smarthearts. Each adorable bear has its own individual name and personality. The bears possess the ability to emit five types of white and pink noise, resembling a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, rainfall, and amniotic fluid with heartbeat. It’s all about finding your baby’s favourite noise!

How does myHummy work?

Once you’ve chosen your baby’s preferred sound, your myHummy bear can be set to play non-stop for 12 hours, or for 60 minutes to a gradual fade out. The bear’s inbuilt Sleep Sensor will enter a stand-by mode in which the sound comes on again if baby begins to stir or if they detect an increase in background noise. The sound plays for another 60 minutes and this cycle is repeated for 12 hours.

More reasons to love myHummy

The sleep aid toys have been rigorously tested to the highest safety standards in line with EU requirements. The bears are all machine washable, battery operated and quickly dispatched from the UK. I’ve ordered the Leon bear for my new arrival due in April – the packaging looks great, making it a brilliant gift for any expecting mama.

Download the app

The myHummy app lets you control the bear remotely via bluetooth, allowing you to change settings and check battery life.

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