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Sleepy Time Tonies: For The Perfect Bedtime Or Naptime Routine

Naptime and bedtime for babies and toddlers is all about timing, the wind-down and creating an environment that’s conducive to sleep. As part of a good bedtime routine, it’s thought that playing white noise or ambient sounds helps children sleep better and for longer. That’s why we were so excited to see Tonies’ launch their collection of naptime Tonies to help little ones drift off to sleep.

Naptime Tonies

The Toniebox is a simple, no-screens Wi-Fi enabled speaker designed to play popular audio stories via interchangeable kid-proof figurines called ‘Tonies’. And now, with the launch of three sleepy time Tonies, the Toniebox goes one step further, transitioning from a favourite storytime companion into the perfect naptime friend. The longest playing Tonies to date, this soothing collection includes nature sounds, white noise and charming songs and stories from In The Night Garden.


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White Noise Tonie

The White Noise naptime Tonie in the form of a cute white cat figurine is fabulous for lulling tricky sleepers seamlessly into the land of nod.

White noise contains many frequencies with equal intensities. It’s brilliant at masking noises outside of your child’s sleeping environment, whilst mimicking the continuous sounds your child would have heard in the womb.

It’s this comfortable, womb-like environment that soothes unsettled children to calm them for sleep. What’s more, the repetition of white noise helps kids stay asleep by drowning out noise from the outside world.

Running time 120 minutes.

Nature Sounds Tonie

The Nature Sounds Tonie will create a low-energy environment perfect for your child’s naptime or bedtime.

Nature sounds can help promote relaxation by signifying that it’s time for your little one to turn off and be still.

Listening to the calming sounds of a tranquil forest at dusk, and gentle water flowing will help them drop into a restful sleep.

Running time 120 minutes.

A Musical Journey Tonie

Last but not least, the sleepy time collection includes kid favourite and much loved British classic In The Night Garden. Your little one can join Igglepiggle and friends on a super-relaxing musical journey to slumberland with these charming songs and stories.

A Musical Journey offers comforting and familiar sounds that will help even the trickiest of little sleepers drift off for peaceful night’s sleep or a restful long nap.

Running time 47 minutes.

Shop now

This wonderful naptime collection by Tonies is available to shop now. RRP 14.99 each.

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