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Who Gives A Crap? The Loo Roll Brand That’s Changing People’s Lives

What is the first thing you use everyday? Probably your phone.. ok, second. Get up, go to the loo (please don’t take your phone). Loo roll. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. Who Gives A Crap? We do. Last week, 24 rolls arrived at My Baba HQ from feel good toilet paper company, Who Gives A Crap, in cheery complimentary ‘you’ve got a nice bum’ packaging. That got us thinking: can you imagine a life without loo roll? It stinks just thinking about it.

We consider what products we put on our faces, bodies and children. We’re conscious of what foods we buy, where our clothing comes from and the amount of plastic we’re using. Somehow toilet roll isn’t something we worry about. However there is a way to make paper part of our environmentally-friendly lifestyles. We can use recycled paper — it’s forest-friendly because it’s not using virgin trees to make the loo roll. To protect our skin we can opt for loo roll without ink, dyes or scents. Get back to basics. After all, you are just using it to wipe your bits and flush down the drain. It isn’t just the paper we should be worrying about, it’s the plastic the paper arrives in. For some reason it’s pretty tough to find loo roll in the supermarket that isn’t wrapped in non-recyclable plastic. Now we’ve found a solution, that you can even get delivered to your door.

When we were approached by loo roll company Who Gives A Crap, we just wanted in on their bum jokes. Then we realised there was more to it than jokes and cursing. The toilet paper company are on a mission to improve sanitation in developing countries around the world — and yes, to keep your bum clean!

The fact is, 2.3 billion people around the world don’t have access to a toilet. More people own a mobile phone than those who have a loo to sit on. Not having a toilet can have devastating consequences. Poor hygiene and lack of sanitation can cause serious illness, which means people can’t work or go to school. Who Gives A Crap aren’t asking for donations to improve sanitation in a direct sense. The deal is, they provide you with loo roll to stock your bathroom and donate half of their profits to groups, such as Water Aid and Shining Hope For Communities, who have the means to improve sanitation in the developing world.

You can buy boxes of 24 or 48 rolls. It’s all ‘soft as unicorn kisses and strong as 1000 ponies’ and is delivered to your door for free (unless you spend under £20). You can even opt for the premium option which Who Gives A Crap compares to ‘like wiping with clouds’ because it’s oh so soft.

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