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Our Guide To Choosing The Best Balance Bike This Christmas

There’s nothing quite like getting a bike for Christmas, it’s got to be the ultimate Christmas gift for kids. We love the selection of Balance Bikes from KinderKraft, with options for as young as one year old.  Investing in a balance bike this Christmas will teach your child balance and coordination, giving them the confidence to get to grips with cycling from a young age. Kids’ learning isn’t always about kids games and educational toys, it can also be about getting them active and showing them how to learn new, practical skills.

What is a balance bike?

Balance bikes are small, lightweight pedal-free bikes carefully adapted to small hands and bodies making them ideal for first-time riders. The great thing about balance bikes is the simplicity of their design – there are no moving parts to catch little figures.

Initially, children learn to sit on the balance bike and push themselves along with their feet, using their body weight to control and steer the bike. Once confident, the next step is to gradually push and glide – lifting feet off the floor to make the most of the momentum.

Balance bikes are taking over from stabilisers as the preferred way to teach children how to balance on two wheels. They very quickly teach children the skills needed to transition to a regular bike, without the need for stabilisers. It usually only takes around two years to graduate from a balance bike to a regular bike.

If you’re looking to buy a balance bike, it’s always worth investing in a lightweight bike that offers a degree of adjustability and room to grow.

Choosing the right size balance bike

Buying the correct size bike is key to being able to use a balance bike to its full potential and a fun parental responsibility to have. You’ll need to think about the seat height and the ability to adjust the bike to ensure enough room for growth to get the most out of your money.

According to Cycling Weekly, at the saddle’s lowest point, it should not measure one inch lower than your child’s inseam measurement. When sat on the saddle, both feet should be firmly flat on the ground, with only a slight bend at the knee. This gives your little one the range of movement needed to extend their legs to take the strides they feel comfortable with.


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Cutie, Balance Bike – from 1 year old

Introducing your baby’s first balance bike! Thanks to the structure of the ride-on toy, the child develops a sense of balance while playing. The KinderKraft Cutie is built using a lightweight structure, so your child can take their first balance bike with them wherever they go. It’s also very easy to carry when they’re tired.

  • Adjustable saddle, range 26-28 cm
  • Ball-bearing rear wheel for a durable, smooth ride
  • Non-slip rubber handles made from non-toxic material
  • Handlebar angle lock with limited range of motion
  • Strong, steel frame with durable structure and resistant to damage

Wooden Balance Bike UNIQ – from 2 years old

  • Safe design
  • Soft adjustable saddle
  • Firm non-slip rubber handles
  • Eco-friendly. Wooden birch frame from sustainably managed sources
  • Unique, lightweight design
  • Two carrying handles
  • Handlebar limited turn – to protect from falls
  • Durable, puncture resistant 12-inch bearing wheels made from EVA foam.
  • Includes bell


Balance Bike Runner – from 3 years old

  • Safe turning with handlebar lock
  • Durable ball-bearing wheels made from EVA foam
  • Eco-friendly. Wooden birch frame from sustainably managed sources
  • Comfortable handle so it’s easy to carry
  • Adjustable saddle height, range 37-44 cm
  • Accessories include a handy bag and bell

Rapid Balance Bike – from 3 years old

  • Retro design with handles and saddle in a natural leatherette tone
  • Lightweight and durable frame, magnesium alloy frame
  • 12-inch, inflatable, ball-bearing wheels for a smooth ride on any terrain (no small parts)
  • Lightweight, weighs only 3.75kg
  • Adjustable, ergonomic saddle that grows with your child. Wide height adjustment range 33-42 cm.
  • Limited handlebar angle to protect from falls
  • Non-slip rubber handles

Balance Bike Space – from 3 years old

  • Handbrake on the right side of the handlebars
  • Comfortable non-slip footrest allows child to rest legs while riding
  • Lockable handlebars prevent excessive and uncontrolled twisting while riding, protecting your child from falling
  • Comfortable, soft saddle that’s height adjustable
  • Ajustable handlebars
  • Durable, puncture-resistant wheels made from EVA foam.
  • Firm non-slip rubber handles
  • Accessories include a handy bag and bell

Reasons your child should learn to cycle on a balance bike:

  • They glide easily over rocks, jumps and curbs and can handle the most uneven surfaces with ease
  • Balance bikes are safer than tricycles and stabilisers because the child is concentrating on balancing as opposed to pedalling
  • Feet are used for braking and steering, which gives them greater control and confidence
  • Balance bikes are better for longer distances – toddlers can travel so much further on a balance bike
  • They’re lightweight and can be carried and transported very easily when not in use
  • Balance bikes are simply brilliant fun – they’re a fabulous way to get kids exercising

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