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11 Strange Things British Kids Think About The World’s Animal Kingdom

A nationwide survey by Kinder Surprise has revealed some pretty funny misconceptions when it comes to Brit kids and the world’s animal kingdom. The survey is to celebrate the brand-new Kinder Animal Adventures range. Let’s take a look at what our children had to say about the world and its wildlife.

  1. 70% of kids surveyed think leopards have ‘spots’ as opposed to the correct term, rosettes (every day’s a school day!)
  2. A huge 30% of kids think dragons are real, with parents attributing this to the fantasy films their children watch
  3. 28% of kids assume a spectacled owl gets its name because it has brilliant eyesight and doesn’t need glasses
  4. 26% believe that porcupines and hedgehogs are the same animal
  5. 25% think that an anteater only eats ants (c’mon, this one is fair enough, it IS all they eat, right?)
  6. 13% of kids think a puma is a trainer – and not an animal at all!
  7. 11% of our little darlings think that snakes are huge worms
  8. 8% believe that grasshoppers are made of grass (makes complete sense after all)
  9. It’s thanks mostly to Paddington that 8% of kids think that bears only eat marmalade sandwiches
  10. 7% of children think that a sloth is a type of bird (Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a sloth!)
  11. 19% of children failed to identify that chameleons changed colour

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Children are learning ALL the time, and we love the concept of teaching children through play, which is exactly what the guys over at Kinder Surprise are doing right now.

The Animal Adventures range by Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise has launched its Animal Adventures range, with 21 exotic animals to discover. Each Animal Adventure toy originates from South America and comes complete with fun and interactive features to teach children about the animal. Every animal in the range can be brought to life and spark hours of playtime.

Scott Perry, Marketing Director at Kinder commented, “We’re excited to help educate families about these animals. The interactive features will showcase elements that are unique to each species, enabling parents to get their children to learn through imaginative play. We hope that this new range will be the stepping-stone for families to learn even more about our great animal kingdom.”

The Kinder Animal Adventures range is expected to be hugely popular, with stats revealing just how keen our little ones are to learn about wildlife. A whopping 51% of children like watching shows and films with exotic animals in them. 32% of kids surveyed wanted to visit the animals in their natural habitats. 49% of kids surveyed said they enjoyed reading about exotic animals in books, which definitely rings true in our house. The Tiger that came to Tea and Giraffes Can’t Dance are both hugely popular at bedtime most nights!

Scott adds “It is great to see that there are lots of inquisitive minds when it comes to exotic animals – with children keen to learn more about the animal kingdom and even pursue a career with animals.

Inspire your child to learn

Kinder Surprise’s new range of toy animals will help foster your child’s love of wildlife and further educate them about the wider world they’re growing up in. Kinder Surprise has partnered with renowned toy photographer, Mitchel Wu to create this fun photography series using the Animal Adventures.

Discover the Kinder Animal Adventures set and learn interesting facts about species they might still be yet to encounter – there is a world of adventures to discover!



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