Hormonal Changes During PregnancyHormonal Changes During Pregnancy

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Will Hormonal Changes Affect Your Beauty During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the period when your whole life is turned upside down and everything you knew before becomes different, ranging from emotions to relationships. Unfortunately, while the latter two can actually become better and stronger, your body is the one that suffers the most and where the consequences are the most visible. Yep, those hormones are not really do-goodies when it comes to your beauty, and they can really mess up your skin, hair and body.

You must be wondering is there something you can do to prevent it. Don’t panic, here are some things you should know in order to stay ahead of these unpleasant changes.

Stretch Marks

This is one of the biggest concerns of future mothers, at least when it comes to their beauty. It is no wonder, since only about 10 percent of pregnant women “get away” without them. It is difficult to avoid them since they come as a result of stretching the skin too hard. When they appear, they look like reddish or pinkish streaks running down the breasts or/and abdomen. Later, they pale and become whitish.


Prevention is the best cure here. Do that by practicing exercises for pregnant women and applying lotions that contain alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin E. After the pregnancy, laser removal treatments can be useful. These, as well as laser hair removal treatments, should be avoided during pregnancy. Although there are no indications that the very laser can hurt the fetus, the sin-numbing solutions used to reduce pain can breach into the skin and bloodstream and negatively affect the baby.

Spider Veins

Another unpleasant skin change, spider veins, is caused by the combination of raging hormones and increase in blood volume. The branched out veins become more visible, and the problem can worsen if you’re standing for long periods of time.


The solution? According to womenshealth.gov is to sit back (lift up your legs) and relax. Don’t stand or sit for too long, and don’t cross your legs for longer periods. If you have to be on your feet, wear compression socks.

Other Skin Changes

Besides the two most common skin changes, there are many more following the irregular hormonal activity. Dry and irritated skin is caused by fatigue, poor diet (sweet cravings) and a mess in hormones. It can be solved by a rigorous beauty routine that includes exfoliating.

The instability of hormones can lead to pigmentation (the darkening of some skin areas). You should wait until you stop breastfeeding to visit your dermatologist who can help you solve this problem.

Collagen can really get the short end in the hormonal battle, and its release is significantly lowered during pregnancy. The best way to prevent it is with a consistent skincare routine, and use of products that contain niacinamide – a great anti-aging ingredient.


Pregnancy glow is one of the best things that can happen to a woman’s skin, but as soon as the hormones start settling after the pregnancy, you can expect your face to look like you’ve been partying all night long.

Acne and pimple breakouts are created by extra hormones that add oil to your body. Spend a few extra minutes on cleansing your skin with a soap-free formula. Steer clear of products containing oil or alcohol.

Hair Changes

Most women enjoy hair changes during pregnancy. Yep, pregnancy hormones are making your hair feel thicker and more lustrous by slowing down hair loss. There is a downside to this – when your hormones return to a normal level, you’ll shed some extra hair in the first few months. Also, some women will experience more intense hair growth in unwanted places, such as legs, arms, face and back, which can be removed cosmetically.


Since bleaching and laser removal are not an option during the pregnancy, you can stick to shaving, tweezing, waxing or sugaring, with the latest two not being recommended if you have varicose veins problem.

Nail Changes

Just as with the hair, many women will notice that their nails are growing faster during pregnancy. At the first glance this change may seem desirable, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see that there is an increase in nail breakage, brittleness, keratosis or grooves. Avoid using chemical products to solve this issue, and try to minimize it with proper nourishing diet.


Sure, you will change, but everything is changing. If you keep up with all the alternations and you’re well informed about your friends and enemies, you should get out of this endeavor as a happy and beautiful mother. Just keep in mind that beauty tips for moms-to-be differ from the ones you paid attention to before, but you can still look your best following advices on savoirflair.com/beauty

Article by: Sophia Smith, an Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and organic beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life, Savoir Flair and many other beauty blogs and magazines.

You can find out more about her writing following her on: Facebook Twitter Google +

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