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We are very excited to be giving away one of two Champney’s Mum To Be Massages in association with Infacol!

Having a baby is an emotionally turbulent time and nothing can prepare you for the extremes: one minute you’re high on love and the next you’re heading for stress and anxiety. In a unique study of parental emotion in the first 12 months, it seems that while more than three fifths of new parents 1 of children aged 5 and under experienced pride (61%) and joy (67%), they also felt exhaustion (61%) and even fear (32%). The research funded by Infacol, Britain’s Number One Colic Remedy 2 , also found that one in five mums (22%) describe themselves as feeling ‘out of control’ in the first year, with a further one in six parents (17%) finding that the pressures of parenting left them feeling shocked.

One fascinating outcome of the research was that parents with just one child living at home were more likely to feel both positive and negative emotions, from pride (69%) and gratitude (46%) to fear (40%) and anxiety (47%). Parents with three or more children at home were 14% less likely to feel worried, but also 11% less likely to feel proud, than those describing their experience with their first child.

So why is the first year so mixed-up emotionally for so many new mums and dads? “When expecting a baby, many new mums and dads are so excited to meet their little one that they underestimate how hard the sleepless nights with a colicky baby can be,” explains midwife Lara Basini*. “Having a new baby is a magical experience in many ways, but the changes to your finances, your social life, and even your relationship with your partner, can be difficult to get used to.”

Of course, even the tough times and late-night feeds don’t take away from the pleasures of becoming a parent, from first smiles to first words. To help you relax, Infacol is offering a Champneys Mother-to- Be and New-Mum massage – you’ll soon feel ready for whatever challenges parenthood brings.

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