Every year when the weather turns colder parents consider how to keep themselves and their babies warm while babywearing in cold weather. Here are award-winning baby brand Ergobaby’s top five winter babywearing tips:

Less is more

Overheating is the number one thing to avoid when dressing you and baby for winter babywearing, so start with fewer layers and add more if you feel baby is too chilly. When dressing baby, remember that your carrier counts as a layer of clothing and so do you as your body temperature warms them up and if you wear a coat round you both, or a winter weather cover, this counts too!  Where possible, two-piece outfits or footless bodysuits are better as onesies can sometimes pull up at the crotch and therefore pull on their feet. And remember, if you go indoors at any point, you will need to remove layers to keep baby (and you!) from overheating.

Wear your carrier UNDER your coat, not OVER it

To that end, it might be tempting to put your carrier on over your winter coat to keep your warmth inside it but not only does this prevent you and baby from sharing warmth, but it can also affect the fit of your carrier making it less secure for you and baby. Keeping your little one close also means you can more easily check their temperature and adjust what they are wearing as needed. Plus, if you go indoors, you can easily take your coat off without having to take baby out of the carrier. If you want your coat to go round you and baby you can either size up or you can buy specially designed babywearing coats which wrap around you and baby .If you’re doing this make sure baby is dress appropriately in light layers, this adds another lay as well as your body heat and the carrier so it is likely that normal indoor clothes will be enough to keep them toasty if you’re both wrapped up in a coat together.

Protect their extremities (and pack spares)

Baby’s extremities are going to feel coldest, so mittens, a warm hat and thick socks or booties are essential whilst out and about in cold weather. Unfortunately, these are some of the easiest things to lose out on a walk so it’s always a good idea to pack spares… just in case! Our Omni baby carriers come with a handy pouch on the waistband which is the perfect size for your phone, keys, some money, and spare pair of mittens and socks!

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Avoid snowsuits (please!)

However cute a baby in a snowsuit is, it’s important that your little one doesn’t wear one when they are in a carrier or wrap. There are several reasons for this. Not only could it cause them to overheat, (snowsuits are designed to keep baby warm if they are in the snow, not cuddled close to you in a cosy carrier), but the bulky fabric can also prevent your little one from sitting in an ergonomic, safe carry position. This is particularly important for young babies, if they are not safely positioned in their carrier or wrap, their airways may not be adequately supported. They are also not able to regulate their own temperature so being close to you is an important safety factor. Thinner, fleecy onesies can occasionally be okay for older babies, if they are appropriately dressed underneath them, they aren’t too bulky (aka they allow correct positioning), and there is no fabric covering baby’s face. However, any item of clothing with attached ‘feet’ can pull up on baby’s legs when in the carrier so generally we advise two-piece outfits.

Consider a weather cover

While all our carriers (except the Embrace and Aerloom) come with a tuck-away privacy hood that offers some weather protection, we also have specially designed Weather Covers to keep baby warm and dry. Suitable for use with our Original, Adapt, All Position 360 and Omni baby carriers (again, not our Embrace or Aerloom carriers as these are made to be more streamlined so don’t have the necessary attachments) they easily attach to your carrier before you put it on. There are Rain (waterproof) or Winter Weather (waterproof and fleecy) options to choose from, so whatever the weather your little one stays snug and dry.


Introducing the Omni Dream

All our carriers are suitable for winter babywearing if you follow the steps above. Our latest release, the Omni Dream is a perfect choice for most families. It offers unparalleled softness and a streamlined design in a carrier that does it all!

Perfect for adventures big or small, the Omni Dream’s customisable fit allows wearers and babies of all shapes and sizes to explore the world together in total comfort. Ergonomic for both parent and baby and fully adjustable, the Omni Dream has padded, crossable shoulder straps and a lumbar support waistbelt, making hours of carrying little ones feel effortless! The deep bucket seat combined with the head and neck support pillow, and chest tabs, keep baby cuddled close and snug.

Like all carriers in the Omni range, the Omni Dream is suitable from birth (7lbs / 3.2kg) without the need for an infant insert, all the way through toddlerhood (up to 45lbs / 20kg), and offers all four carry positions (front inward facing, front-outward facing, hip carry and back carry), making it the only carrier parents will ever need.

Made with 100% SoftTouchTM Cotton, its brushed fabric keeps the wearer and baby cosy and comfortable all year round.

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The Omni Dream is available in Pearl Grey, Midnight Blue, Slate Blue and Onyx Black. RRP £174.90.

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