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The Classic Hybrid SmartWatch You’ll Love To Wear

Are you bored of wearing your smartwatch? Fed up with your Fitbit? While they may be great for day-to-day wear, most smartwatches and fitness trackers on the market are lacking in style. That’s where Withings ScanWatch comes in. An attractive hybrid smartwatch that combines a traditional watch face with some of the smartest tech available, it’s a can-do wearable you’re going to love for its brains, brawn and aesthetic appeal.

Withings ScanWatch

Withings have combined a traditional watch with the latest tech to bring you a classic-looking smartwatch that sits comfortably at the luxe end of the market.

Move over Apple and Samsung, the Parisian-made Withings ScanWatch is compatible with iOS & Android, so you no longer have to choose between the two. Pretty refreshing, huh?

We’ve put the Withings ScanWatch through its paces to find out whether it lives up to expectations. Can it really excel as a hybrid wearable?


30 day battery life

The minimalist design of the Withings ScanWatch is definitely going the distance when it comes to usability. With a battery life of over 30 days normal usage and an extra 20 days in power reserve mode, you can say goodbye to those nightly charges you enjoyed with your Apple watch. (If yours was anything like mine!)

For the super-swimmers out there, its comfy rubber strap and watch face will endure up to 50m underwater, so… yes, you can definitely wear it in the shower.

A fitness tracker or a smartwatch?

The Withings ScanWatch is an analog-looking watch, packed with digital health features. It’s primarily a fitness tracker, and the reason I was interested to test out the ScanWatch over others on the market was that it offers the most advanced health tech capabilities. Clinically validated, this wearable could potentially save lives, so as a fitness tracker, this wearable stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

Health Mate app

The watch is super easy to set up, using its companion app, Health Mate available to download from Apple or Google Play. Health Mate is on hand to help you lose weight, get more active, monitor blood pressure, ECG and it’ll even help you learn how to sleep better. Data is easily accessible and easy to understand, with everything personalised to you. What’s more, the information you record with your ScanWatch is fully leverageable by you and your doctor.

Proactive heart tracking

The ScanWatch is the first hybrid smartwatch to continuously scan vital parameters to detect heart health conditions and help improve overall fitness. Developed with professionals from world-renowned institutions, ScanWatch offers proactive heart tracking, boasting a medical-grade ECG and an oximeter for SpO2 measures. By recording heart rate periodically at the best time, ScanWatch sends a notification when an irregular heartbeat or breathing disturbances are detected.


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Medical-grade reports

The Withings ScanWatch gives you medical-grade electrocardiograms and medical-grade oxygen saturation levels in just 30 seconds, with results on your watch screen and an in-depth diagnostic report available in the Health Mate app. The watch records heart rate every 10 minutes for round-the-clock tracking, with continuous heart rate provided in Workout Mode.

Since my first pregnancy, I’ve suffered from ecotopic beats. They come and go, but have recently started to bother me again. I went to the GP, whose portable ECG monitor revealed my heart was doing exactly what it should be doing (well of course it was, I was at the GP), but pretty much as soon as I left the clinic, my heart started dropping a beat again, so I turned to Google to research the best ECG watches. The Apple 3 watch is the only on in the series not to have the ECG functionality (of course it is!) and having not been impressed with prices or battery life, I was reluctant to upgrade and invest in another one of those. With Withings, all of this info can be sent in a report to your GP, so they can get a better picture of exactly what’s going on.

Advanced sleep tracking

I could never track my sleep with my Apple watch as it always needed to charge over night, but with the ScanWatch you can wake to a full report with heart health tracking, a Sleep Score based on sleep cycles, sleep duration and wake-ups.

24/7 Activity tracking

As you’d expect from a fitness tracker, the ScanWatch automatically tracks your activity. Whether it’s a walk, a cycle, a run or a swim, it gages both distance and elevation (floors climbed) as well as the calories you’ve burned, so you can keep across everything you do on a daily basis.

Digital screen

I do miss my texts and calls coming through to my watch, but with the ScanWatch you can set up the PMOLED screen to recieve customized call, text, calendar and app notifications by rotating the digital crown. I haven’t tried this out yet, as to be honest, I think sometimes less tech is a good thing.

Shop now

Choose from a range of models, sizes and colours, and with extra wristbands available, you can switch up your look to rock your Withings ScanWatch whatever you’re up to. RRP: £249.95


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