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10 Reasons Why The Wonder Weeks is The Best Baby Book

The Wonder Weeks is a the baby bible every parent should own. Based on ground-breaking research, the book (and accompanying app) map the challenging ups and downs of your baby’s first 20 months. Your baby will navigate ten ‘leaps’ before they turn one year old. These ‘leaps’ are predicted times unsettled periods, which are followed by weeks of behavioural growth. The Wonder Weeks guides you through the skills your baby is learning to master at every stage, with advice on how you can help assist them.

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Shows you all babies experience fussy phases…

…in which they are simply not themselves. These phases are actually a telltale sign of progress underway, although it might not seem like that in the beginning… Yet, after the clingy, cranky and crying phase is over, you will suddenly see so many new skills developing!

Gives you insight into babies developing minds

We walk, sit, grab and even feel… with our brain. If we understand what is developing in our baby’s minds, we understand our baby at a level much higher than the level of ‘does he crawl yet?’ The Wonder Weeks gives you unique insights into baby’s developing mind.

Gives you insight into the ten magical leaps

The Wonder Weeks opens up the world of ‘leaps’ to you. It explains exactly what is changing in your baby’s perception, how your baby experiences the world during this leap, what they can see, hear and feel so that you are 101% capable of supporting your child during this development they are making now.

Gives support, comfort & inspiration

Loving your baby so much and seeing him or her going through one of these difficult leaps isn’t easy. The Wonder Weeks gives you comfort and inspiration to make the most out of these difficult times and enables you to see so many more things in your baby’s development.

Is spot on, always

And when we say spot on, it is spot on, accurate to the day. All babies make leaps at the same time, calculated from the due date, not the date of birth! By knowing exactly when your baby will be making a leap, it is easier to support your baby and this makes your life as a parent easier.


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The most trusted app & book about baby’s mental development worldwide

The Wonder Weeks is, by far, the most popular book and app on a global scale. With millions of copies sold around the world and millions of parents using the app, you join a worldwide community of parents that are all experiencing the challenges of young parents.

Gives you the insights to create a unique development overview of your baby

Although each baby takes a leap at the exact same time in age, all babies are unique in the way that you see their own unique preferences, their character, developing during those leaps. The wonder weeks enables you to track your baby’s preferences. It helps you to sort out which new skills appeal to your baby most during a leap and discover your baby’s developing character and talents…

De-mythicises baby’s sleep

Yes, babies tend to not be the best sleepers… and yes, that can really make life challenging. Instead of trying to break (normal!) sleep patterns of babies, The Wonder Weeks gives you insight into the WHY’s babies don’t sleep like we do. Hint… there is a good reason for all natural development. Understanding your baby’s desires and needs helps you to rest assured.

Helps you to incorporate anchor moments

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and challenging experiences there is. But… it is also on the stress top-10, and with good reasons. The Wonder Weeks has developed anchor moments, small things you can incorporate in your daily life, to keep the stress at bay. Stay anchored with The Wonder Weeks anchor moments.

Helps your baby to ‘a smart start for a happy beginning’

The pay-off of The Wonder Weeks says it all: by understanding your baby’s needs, desires and personality you can give them all they need: a smart start for a happy beginning.


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