Like our Harry Potter decorations, we always seem to make some sort of snowman decoration each year. This year we have made some really cute wooden bead snowmen ornaments for our tree. YC and I had enjoyable evening making them before bed.

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To make your own wooden bead snowmen ornaments you will need:

  • Wooden beads
  • Wool/string
  • Pens
  • Scissors

We used two different sized wooden beads. The first were 1inch and the 2nd were 1cm.

Make a big knot at the end of your piece of wool/string. Then carefully thread three wooden beads onto it. When the wool got slightly stuck we used the end of a cross-stitch needle to push it through.

wooden bead snowmen ornaments

Create a loop at the end and tie it off. Push extra wool back down through the wooden beads.

Draw on your snowmen’s features. YC decided to add some arms to hers, which I thought added an extra cuteness to them.

Finally give your snowmen a little scarf of wool.

If you are worried about the beads coming off, then add some glue around the knots.

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Wooden bead snowmen ornaments