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How To Stay On The Top Of Your Workload With Several Kids

Work-life balance is the relationship between your work and the other things in your life, like your family, household chores, sport, social life, etc. If you have enough time for all of these things, you probably have an excellent work-life balance. You’re more likely to have the mental and emotional energy to give your children all they need to develop when you have a good work-life balance. Well-balanced family life can also help you enjoy life, manage stress, and prevent burnout at work.

One of the ways of having a balanced work-life is working from home. There are several remote vacancies for mums in Oxford or another city that provide the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home and take care of your kids simultaneously.

To make things easier, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jobble to share the tips you can explore to stay at the top of your workload if you have several kids. Let’s delve right into the details.

#Tip 1: Accept The Situation

It’s vital to know what you are in for and get the better of the situation. When you are conscious that you have to stay on top of your workload with several kids, you tend to put in the effort to achieve that aim. You do not need to feel guilty or withdrawn. Have the mindset that it’s a must for you to balance your work and family life.


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 #Tip 2: Plan Your Tasks Ahead

After you are aware of your situation, you need to plan how to execute your tasks. Make an activity list and be ready to tick them. You have to stay organized and plan ahead of the day, even before it comes.

If you prefer to take care of the kids before you start working, you might need to wake early to allow you to prepare for your workload even as you prepare for the needs of your kids. Your proper planning ahead will make you stay on track and achieve your goals by the end of the day.

 #Tip 3: Create A Work Environment At Home

Create an office space that will make you productive; it should be somewhere near the place your kids are playing. This will help you stay focused on your work and keep an eye on them simultaneously. Office space at home will give you the chance to have a natural office feeling and the freedom to be with your kids. However, you may need to create boundaries so that the kids do not disrupt your work or delay it.

 #Tip 4: Employ A Babysitter

It is also essential to get helping hands to make things easier. If you are privileged, employ a babysitter who would serve as your eyes when you are not looking. It gives you a feeling of independence and makes you focused on your work.

The babysitter would be responsible for entertaining and feeding your kids while working. Doing this would go a long way to accelerate your productivity and stay on top of your workload. It is advisable to go for an experienced babysitter who can handle both kids and little older ones.

#Tip 5: Keep The Kids Busy

You can also keep the kids busy while you are working. You can create a special activity to distract them so they won’t disturb you while working. It could be games, painting or drawing, building sandcastles, playing with toys, etc. You can also make them watch TV and assign simple tasks to them continuously to keep them occupied.


Staying on top of your workload with several kids might be challenging, but it’s not an impossible thing to do. Follow the tips highlighted in this article and see yourself churning out your workload.


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