These snap cards have been a labour of love for me, I started making them over a year ago and have only just finished making them. To be fair though, there was a long period of time were they lay forgotten about in my box of unfinished activities. Thankfully for you I have turned them into a digital download, so all you need to do is print them out (twice) and cut them up.

Download World Snap Playing Cards.

These were intended to be just a set of snap cards, but they have turned out to be so much more than that. Each card has a little information about the famous landmark, so not only can your little ones enjoy a game of snap (or memory), they can also find about these really interesting places.

We have been using these cards with EC and YC to show them about different countries and what they might want to go an explore, with the idea that one day they will get to pick a holiday destination.

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Downloadable world snap playing cards. A fun game for children of all ages, but they also have bits of information on about each country. Great for a geography lesson.