Stockings have always been one of my favourite bits of Christmas. The excited piling on to my parents bed at the crack of dawn, stocking and balloon in tow. The wait now over and being able to finally see what he’d brought us. It all ends about five minutes flat in a frenzy of tissue paper and tangerines, but it’s worth every second. When I was little I would start the count down on December 27th for the next year! 

The contents of our stockings have always been wrapped in tissue paper, messily cocooned rather than neatly and precisely wrapped with sellotape and ribbons because “Father Christmas doesn’t have time to wrap neatly.”

Now I’ve got my own stockings to fill and I’m not sure how to do it. Part of me feels I should follow tradition and stick to what I know. The other feels that the cubs love the wrapping as much as the present itself so I should pay it a little more attention.

I’ll probably do one of two options… The first is just to wrap all the presents in colour coded tissue paper, blue for Cub Senior, green for the smaller one. A no-nonsense way of knowing whose is whose in an attempt to avoid any early morning festive fisticuffs. Then, if I’m still awake I might print their favourite animals on each one using rubber stamps. Seriously simple and quick.

The other idea is to use brown paper and wrap them with colour coded knotted thread and then stamp their names or initials on each.

By Willow Crossley

Willow Rose Boutique