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YIPPY! Meet The New High Chair From Moji

The award-winning Yippy High Chair from Moji has arrived in the UK. A modern, sleek, and lightweight chair designed for babies, toddlers, kids AND adults, we were excited to find out more.

Unboxing the Yippy Tune High Chair

The Yippy Tune High Chair offers top-notch quality and stylish design thanks to its durable Rubberwood and high-quality oak construction as well as German engineering.

Pulling quickly out of its box, assembly is simple, intuitive, and, most importantly, tool-free. All you have to do is unfold the chair and slot the backrest, seat, and footrest into place. Set-up couldn’t be easier, so you step away from the drill now…

Portability and versatility

One of the standout features of the Yippy High Chair from Moji is its versatility. Unlike other popular high chairs, the Yippy High Chair is lightweight and foldable. Due to its space-saving design and handy handle in the backrest, it can easily be picked up, popped in the boot, or transported from room to room. A brilliant option for on-the-go families, staycations and visits to granny’s house!

Accessories for infants

The Yippy can be used from birth, thanks to the Moji Yippy newborn unit, so you can bring your baby into the heart of the home from day one. Combined with Moji Yippy starter seat and other accessories, you’ve got yourself a comfortable seat for babies six months plus. With an adjustable and removable tray, a comfortable padded seat with a five-point harness system, and a sturdy base with four wheels for easy mobility, it’s a great choice for weaning. The adjustable tray can be removed and washed for easy cleaning, and the chair is resistant to moisture and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Yippy has two extra-long floor gliders for a completely stable design, protecting your baby against tipping. Thanks to the chair’s floor gliders, the Yippy stands securely even when folded up.

A high chair for everyone

The chair can be converted into a toddler seat as your child grows and just as easily adjusted to adult size (90kg), perfect for those family gatherings when you need an extra chair!

Shop now

Available in eight different designs, in robust Rubberwood and high-quality oak, there’s a YIPPY to suit every home and every interior.

The YIPPY Tune highchair plus starter set. RRP £314.90.


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