The Zentangles method is a fun and relaxing way to create images using structured patterns.  It is meant to help with lots of things, including relaxtion, insomnia, stress releaving, anger management etc. Personal I think it’s fun to do and that it’s a cool thing to has as a busy bag.

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You will need:

  • Paper
  • Felt tip pens/ coloured pencils

Rather than having lots of lose pieces of paper in my bag (I have far too many as it is), I turned one of my many note books into a sort of Zentangles doodle book.

I created lots of templates for EC and YC to fill in, but they can easily make their own. While it is all about repetitive patterns, on some of ours we have just simple coloured the area.

To make it even more fun and inviting, we have been using magic pens when we fill them in. Magic pens are the ones that you colour in with them, then go over it with a special pen and it either makes the colour disappear or changes the colour.

Having done a few myself now, there is one thing for certain; they’re very addictive.

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