Babies love being in water, it’s a fact. After spending the first months of their life in the womb, water is a familiar environment for babies and a great way to keep them active and have some fun.  

It’s recommended you wait until your baby is around six weeks old before taking them for their first dip in the pool, but many swimming lessons accept babies from around four weeks.

Swimming experts Zoggs believe that children should be introduced to water as early as possible to promote both confidence and wellbeing, and have kindly shared their top tips to ensure your baby has a positive and enriching experience from the start in the water;

Tip 1: Before your first swimming trip, get your baby used to water in the bath. Make bath time fun and enjoyable, splashing water and playing – all great ways to build confidence with your baby in the water.

Tip 2: The swimming pool can be a busy and noisy environment. We suggest visiting the swimming pool during off peak times, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience your baby.

Tip 3: For your first swimming experience, try spending a maximum of 15 – 20 minutes in the water with your baby, getting them used to the surroundings and water.

Tip 4: Be prepared with swim nappies for your baby – necessary for keeping your baby comfortable and secure throughout their time in the water.

Tip 5: Check the pool temperature before you take a dip, 32 degrees is ideal temperature for babies under 3 months old.

Tip 6:If you aren’t confident in the water, take along a partner or friend to help out. If you feel relaxed in the water, your baby will too.

Tip 7:Stay close to your baby and make eye contact throughout. Smiling, laughing and talking to your little one will make them feel at ease and enjoy the experience.

Tip 8: If you’re wary of swimming with your baby for the first time, there are number swimming aids available, ideal for giving your baby support and buoyancy in the water.

Tip 9: Swimming burns lots of energy and can be dehydrating, so be sure to take along food and water for your baby for afterwards.

Tip 10: Most importantly, have fun and enjoy this great bonding experience with your baby.

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