5 Frozen Crafts for Kids

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5 Disney’s Frozen Crafts for Kids

Let it go, Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore! In these balmy days, we can’t help but dream about Frozen, the immaculate white scenes, brightened up with touches of blue and silver. Here are some ideas for embracing the cold, inspired by Queen Elsa and her hilarious co-stars.

DIY – Do It Yourself: Paper Snowflakes

For a Frozen-themed party, you need an icy, wintery effect, along with some simple patterns and shapes that remind us of Elsa and Anna’s story. This can only mean one thing… snowflakes!! These should be hung up wherever you see fit: on the walls, from the ceiling, on the table as decorations or placemats, or even stuck to straws to make magic wands…

It couldn’t be easier to make these snowflakes; you can find the template, along with the dotted lines for cutting here.

  • Download and then print the template
  • Fold the sheet of paper, as shown in the pictures above
  • Cut as instructed!






DIY – Do It Yourself: By Little Ones’ Star Crown

For budding snow queens, what could be better than a fairytale crown!  The idea is to pick shapes and colours that channel Frozen. The glitter blue star garland definitely makes the cut!

To make this crown, you will need:

  • A glitter star garland in blue or any other icy colour!
  • 2 strips of paper that measure  2.5 x 21 cm
  • Scissors
  • Glue or a stapler
  1. Cut the stars from the garland
  2. Staple the two strips of paper together
  3. Staple or stick the stars along the strip of paper
  4. Glue together the two ends of the strip of paper, according to the desired head size

This idea was inspired by the super blog By Little Ones, a real gold mine for sweet ideas for little ones. At My Little Day, we also love the creative workshops that are tailored to you and simply perfect for birthday parties. Why not take a look at Coralie’s blog and unearth even more amazingly creative DIY ideas?




Templates: Make Your Own Reindeer and Snowman

For a unique and wintery party, we have an amazing idea for entertaining the kids using just a few templates! Templates for customising our sweet party bags and cups are simply perfect for embracing the Frozen theme. Kids can get creative, cutting out and sticking different features on the bags, creating their own snowmen and snow queens!



Templates & DIY: Pop-up Snowman Invitations

Olaf has inspired us with these pop-up invitations! Kids can colour in the snowman and let their creativity do the talking.

To make this pop-up snowman invitation, you will need:

  • Snowman template with the dotted lines for cutting, that can be downloaded Snowman Invitations
  • A sheet of A4 paper, in the colour of your choice 
  • Scissors
  • Scalpol 
  • Glue
  • Felt-tip pens
  1. Download and print the snowman template
  2. Fold the template in half
  3. Cut out the shape, following the dotted lines, making sure that you do not cut through the solid line
  4. Fold the snowman in the opposite way to the card, so as to achieve the pop-up effect (this is the tricky bit!) 
  5. Stick the cut-out template onto a colourful sheet of paper
  6. All that remains is for to colour in your snowman and write out your the message for your invitation

And there you have it – a creative and fun invitation!





Recipe: An Edible Snowman… 

During the party, kids can delight in making their very own delicious snowmen, that can be eaten at the party, or packed away in party bags as a tasty memento to be enjoyed later!

To make this, you will need some marshmallows for the body of the snowman, some cachou sweets for the eyes, tic tacs for the carrot noses, mikados for the arms and mini smarties for the buttons! We suggest that you stick the marshmallows together using a little bit of water, and the sweets can be held in place with a tiny bit of food gel or melted chocolate.

Music suggestion: To really evoke the Frozen ambiance, and in order to cook like a true snow queen, what could be better than Olaf’s hilarious and ironic song “In Summer”?







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