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Leonora Bamford

Leonora Bamford

Leonora Bamford

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I immediately began researching ‘Pregnancy’ and other related subjects. I was completely overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what Google had to offer and didn’t know which way to turn. The most useful advice came from friends, family and professionals who had been through the same journey I had taken a seat on. A journey, that almost half a million people take each day.

My Baba aims to help women with their decisions; to help to cut through the great mass of information available and simplifying things that SHOULD be simple. Motherhood should be a joy….choosing a pram should not make you feel that you are on the edge of a breakdown!

On my daily travels I’ll be sharing whatever I find that I think works and things that I think don’t. I will target particular subjects with professionals and seek advice documenting my findings under ‘Experts’. I will also have guest bloggers, other mothers whose advice I have found helpful.

I am the mother of three young children and whilst I’m not professing to be an expert on motherhood or babies, everyday is part of the learning-curve and this blog will share what has worked for me in the stages I’ve hit so far.

I hope My Baba will help you in choosing the best for you and your baba.


Ellie Thompson

Ellie Mules

Ellie Thompson

My first daughter is approaching two years old now, and was conceived after an IVF cycle, following many heartbreaking months of infertility. We’re now expecting baby number two, also by IVF cycle.

That’s what’s great about My Baba, I’ve used the website as a platform to bring attention to that horrible, and often taboo topic, infertility. By vlogging about our IVF journey from the very first appointment, many will identify that the path is definitely not always a smooth one, but I hope by documenting our experiences, others will find the coverage informative, and also a source of comfort. Infertility can be a very lonely and incredibly sad and frustrating place!

My Baba’s mission is to address issues relevant to women before pregnancy and motherhood as well as during and after, so no matter what stage you’re at, you’ll find the website a one-stop-shop for advice and information.

I feel both excited and privileged to be at the very heart of My Baba, a website that brings mothers and mothers-to-be together, so that between us we can benefit from the best tips, advice and support.

Welcome to My Baba.