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Help Your Little One Learn With These Best Developmental Products For Baby

Help your little one learn through play with this exciting round-up of toys and baby kit for all ages and stages.

0 to 1 Month

Your baby’s vision is limited, reaching around 8 to 12 inches. At this age your baby is stimulated by high contrasts. You baby can track slow-moving objects, and while they can’t yet control their movements, their hands are governed by a grasp reflex – which makes them grasp fingers and toys when placed into their hands.

My Friend Emily (0mths+)

Flannery the Fox (0mths+)

2 to 3 Months

By three months old, your baby will be able to lie on their tummy, hold their head up and push up with their arms. Fists will move from closed to open, and they’ll have all of a sudden found their mouths with their hands.

Their legs and arms will move when they’re excited as they start to exert control over their limbs. It’s possible that by the end of three months, your baby will have developed their hand-eye coordination.

4 to 6 Months

Your baby’s mouth is now his main tool for exploration. Evolving motor skills allow your baby to become more physically active, as well as being much more sociable. Improved hand-eye coordination, clearer vision and the ability to grasp toys, your baby is now keen to interact with his captivated audience.

7 to 9 Months

Your baby is on the move! By now, you might start to see your baby creep, crawl, and slide to get to where he wants to go. The pincer grasp has developed, meaning they’re now able to pick up small objects.


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10 to 12 Months

At ten months you’ll see a vast improvement in your baby’s sense of balancing. They’ll be pulling up and cruising – sliding around furniture in the standing up position, and some might even be walking.

There’s no holding back now – perceptual, language and fine motor skills are improving drastically all the time.

Fountain Rocket (12mths+)

Do Re Mi Dolphins (12mths+)

Other handy products for baby

Frog Pod Bath Scoop (all ages)

Book Soak Bathtub (0-18mths+)


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