I read about these ghost bombs on the blog growing a jeweled rose .  They looked right up EC street.  He loves things that explode.

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To make ghost bombs you will need:

  • Empty egg shells
  • White paint
  • Corn flour
  • Tissue paper or loo roll
  • Glue
  • Pen

To make enough eggs you will have to make something that requires a lot of them in the recipe.  I made dipping eggs for breakfast one day and then a Spanish omelette for lunch the next day.  That gave me 10 eggs.  It is important that you don’t take too much of the top off, you certainly don’t want to crack them as you normally would.  Think more along the lines of blowing eggs.  You want a small hole.

When your eggs have been used wash them out and leave them to dry.  I cleaned them out with warm soap water to remove the membrane.  Then I rinsed them with Dettol; the antiseptic one that you can use on yourself. Leave them to dry.

ghost bombs

I painted ours white to give them a more ghostly appearance. When the inside is all dry fill them up with corn flour.  Next carefully cover the hole with tissue paper/loo roll and glue.  Finally draw a face onto your ghost bombs.

When you throw them they create a really cool cloud of flour.  I would highly discourage them being thrown at people as it hurts to be hit by an egg.  Trust me I know, but that is a different story not related to this activity. BB loved throwing his eggs.  When I used them with EC and YC we had a throwing competition to see who could get their egg the farthest.

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Ghost bombs for Halloween.