A few weeks ago I did a Halloween themed memory game that went down a storm with my charges. Today’s game is another memory game, but this time it is a Halloween pumpkin pairs game. YC loves to play a cupcake version we have by Orchard Toys, so I thought I would make us all a Halloween pumpkin themed one.

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You will need:

  • Wooden pumpkin shapes available from Hobby craft
  • Paint
  • Pens
  • Paintbrush

I originally wanted to do paper pumpkins and then have it available as a PDF for you to download. Unfortunately with an 8 month old to look after time got away from me and I didn’t get the chance. Hopefully by next year I will have done it.

The next best thing I came across were some wooden pumpkin shapes from hobby craft. Although the pack had three different sized pumpkins in, it suited my purpose.  It also means that you can tailor each game to the age of the child.  With really young children you could just use the bigger sized pumpkins.  For older children, like EC and YC, you can use all of them.

Start by sorting your pumpkins into pairs. Then paint your pumpkins orange. I painted both sides.

halloween pumpkin pairs game

Once the paint has dried, decorate one side of two pumpkins so that they are the same. Continue decorating your pumpkins so that you have sets of pairs. I used pens and pencils to draw my designs onto the pumpkins.

How to play

Mix all the pumpkins together and lay them out so that they are facing down.

halloween pumpkin pairs game

Each person then takes it in turns to find a matching pair. If you find a pair then you get another go.

The person with the most pairs at the end wins.

For some reason we have recently be playing these games just before bed. Thankfully it is quite a relaxing game, so it helps calm YC and EC before we have our story together (that is if they don’t start arguing).

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halloween pumpkin pairs game: A halloween memory game for children.