I recently put a post up about worry rocks for kids to take into school. This post is along a similar theme but is about worry pets. They fill the same roll as a worry rock; they are there to help children with separation anxiety when going to school or nursery. These have the added bonus that children can have them while they sleep.

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To make your own worry pets you will need:

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Buttons or eye pieces
  • Stuffing

These can easily be made with a sewing machine or by hand.

Start by drawing two circles on your fabric; the size is totally up to you.

This step is only for if you are using safety eyes. They are eyes that you push through the fabric and then add the backing so that they stay in place. Great for little ones, as they are less likely to come off and become a chocking hazard. On the circle that will be the front half of the worry pet make two small cuts.

worry pets

This is to push the safety eye through, then clip on the backing.

An alternative to this is to sew on some buttons of sew on eyes. In which case I would sew them on before sewing the two circles together.

worry pets

Next pin the two circles together. You want them to be right side to side, so that it is sewn inside out.

If you are sewing your worry pet by hand do a backstitch along your circle outline.

Whether you are doing it back hand or by sewing machine, make sure you leave a gap at the end.

worry pets

Turn your worry pet the right way round and fill it up with stuffing. I took some of the polystyrene balls from a beanbag to fill some of them up with. Or you could use cotton wool.

Finally use a slipstitch to close up the remaining hole.

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Make starting or going back to school easier with these worry pets to help with separation anxiety.