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Top 14 Nightlights For Babies, Toddlers And Kids

If you’re busy preparing the nursery for your little one’s arrival, don’t forget to add some magic with our hand-picked collection of the best baby nightlights. They’ll keep your baby company as they drift into dreamland, and that’s a win for everyone!

Glow Dreaming Sleep Device

Glow Dreaming is not just top of our list of best baby nightlights; it’s the ultimate 5-in-1 sleep aid, scientifically engineered for sleep.

Utilising NASA LED Sleep Light technology; Glow Dreaming employs a red LED light therapy known for its effectiveness in inducing sleep. This unique approach encourages the body to produce melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone promoting healthy circadian rhythm development in children, to help kids develop a healthy, non-habit-forming relationship with sleep.  Conversely, blue light, the light emitted by devices such as phones and tablets, has been found to hinder and disrupt sleep.

Lumicolor Bear Night Light, Angelcare

The Lumicolor Bear Light is not your ordinary night light. This delightful companion illuminates in harmony with the colours it touches, transforming your child’s nursery into a captivating canvas of light.

Lumicolor Bear’s gentle warm white light automatically transitions through a spectrum of colors, creating a calming and soothing ambience that will gently guide your child into a restful night’s sleep. Whether you’re using it to read bedtime stories for a tranquil evening or letting your little one explore and learn about colours during the day, Lumicolor’s captivating illumination is sure to spark creativity and wonder.

Moonlight, Shnuggle

Whether it’s the gentle illumination for those midnight newborn feeds or the bedside companion as your little one grows, Moonlight caters to both parents and children with its dual modes. Featuring a room temperature sensing dock and a distinctive design, this night light is an indispensable addition for all new parents, ensuring a tranquil and comforting atmosphere in the nursery.

Sleepy Sheep Night Light, tonies

The tonies® Sleepy Sheep Night Light Tonie was designed to bring calm to the bedtime chaos.

By combining 90 minutes of beautifully composed melodies and a warm glow with the ability to record and play personalised goodnight messages, the Night Light is perfect for winding down, snuggling up and drifting off.

Pabobo Musical and Luminous Night Light, Angelcare

This plush whale projector creates breathtaking animated shapes with waves and moving fishes. The projector benefits from three light intensities, so you can choose how bright the room will light whilst soft lullaby music or white noise sounds will soothe your little one to sleep.

Lou The Owl, Amazon

Lou has two lights that you could operate individually: the owl and the outer ring. Both the lights have adjustable brightness. Use the sliders to choose your preferred brightness—bright light for reading and soft for sleeping.

While you are not always around to press the start button, the clever cry sensor activates the lights and comforts your little one whenever it recognises any cry sound and automatically turns off the ring light after 30 minutes and the owl’s light after 60 minutes.

Gro Egg2, Tommee Tippee

A parent favourite, the Tommee Tippee Groegg Digital Room Thermometer changes colour to indicate the temperature of the room so you can adapt your child’s clothing or room environment accordingly.

Movable Night Light, Beaba

The Beaba Pixie Torch Night Light can be used as a night light and hangs on the child’s cot. It can also be used as a portable lantern thanks to its ergonomic handle and rechargeable battery. With two light intensities, Beaba’s Moveable Night Light radiates a soft light for reassuring baby at bedtime and a brighter light for reading a book or when moving about in the dark.

The Pixie Light lasts 90 hours on a single charge and includes a USB charging cable. With a soft round shape, Beaba’s nightlight can accompany baby in its cot without risk of injury.

Little lights – Bunny, Blue Almonds

The Little Lights lamp is a perfect addition to the children’s room. With it, you can create a unique atmosphere for playtime and bedtime reading. With Little Lights, no night will be scary anymore.

This high-quality children’s night light is made of 100% natural pine wood. Little Lights are created by hand in a small factory in Krakow (Poland). It is not only a beautiful object for everyday use but also a keepsake that will last throughout childhood and remain in the family for generations.

VTech V-Hush Sleep Training Soother, John Lewis

With a colourful touch night light, you can choose from over 250 colours to personalise and perfect your baby’s sleep environments. The 360-degree down-firing Bluetooth speaker blankets surrounding areas with clear, soft sounds proven to foster restful sleep environments.

It is pre-programmed with 40 Stories, 100 Classical songs, 10 Lullabies, and 10 Natural Sounds or records their favourite story or song in your familiar voice. This soother offers the unique functionality to record and upload your own voice, songs, and stories using the subscription-free app, and there’s a ceiling projector with six different projection frames.

A rechargeable battery is included for times when power is not available.

Babymoov Squeezy Sensory Soft Touch Nightlight, John Lewis

Simply push down on the Squeezy’s head, and it lights up, magic! Shining with a warm white glow, the Squeezy gives off just the right amount of light to comfort and reassure baby at night. Squeeze it several times to adjust the brightness and once again to turn it off.

The light is lithium battery-operated, working for over 200 hours, with a soft, curvy shape so you can place it anywhere. The Squeezy night light recharges quickly using a micro-USB cable. Thanks to its compact size, it can be taken on sleepovers and holidays.

Soothing Light and Projector, Infantino

The Soothing Light and Projector from Infantino helps babies and toddlers feel safe at night so that they sleep soundly.

Infantino’s night light projects a starry night sky onto the ceiling and surrounding walls. It has an auto wake-up mode and sound sensors to detect when baby is awake, which cues start soothing musical melodies and light projections, allowing parents to check on their little one from afar.

Moonie Humming Bunny Night Light, Mori

The Moonie Humming Bunny Night Light is designed to help babies fall asleep easily. It has non-computer-generated, natural pink noises that filter out the surrounding sounds and ensure a calm and peaceful sleep.

The night light has 7 different colours and can be used all night without the sounds. Its smart cry detector recognises when a little one stirs and plays pink noise to soothe them back to sleep.

Snüzcloud 3 in 1 Baby Sleep Aid, John Lewis

Last but not least, when it comes to the best baby nightlights, we could not leave out Snüz. Their SnüzCloud is a stylish and portable baby sleep aid that helps comfort and settle your baby when you need it most.

In a super soft plush fabric, the Snüzcloud features 4 soothing sounds, including pink noise (the new deeper-sounding alternative to white noise) and a heartbeat, to mimic that of a pregnant mum’s womb.

SnüzCloud also has two light options to give you the choice of a calming pink glow or a brighter soft white light that’s ideal for feeding in the dark or as a night light when they get older.

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