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Cellular Hydration Serum, Skin Diligent

Crossbody Belt Bag, Oliver Bonas

What’s On: This Week’s Highlights!

Peppa Pig’s Discovery Playroom Opens at The Natural History Museum

Hasbro, in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, has transformed one of the museum’s shops into an interactive Peppa Pig discovery playroom. Running from August 4th to September 10th, this immersive experience offers families a summer holiday activity centered around Peppa Pig and her brother George’s love for the planet.

Children can engage in various activities, including story time with Peppa, coloring, crafting, and watching their favorite Peppa Pig episodes. Fans can also meet Peppa Pig and her family every Monday and enjoy interactive events throughout the playroom’s duration.

Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to purchase a variety of Peppa Pig-themed products, from storybooks to plantable Peppa Pots, allowing children to nurture plants while playing with their favorite characters.

AW23 Panda Collection, MORI

Take a trip to the forests of China with MORI’s new Panda Collection for newborns to six-year-olds.

This new AW23 collection features playful new prints of tumbling pandas exploring and having fun alongside beautiful bamboo shoots as a nod to MORI’s super soft fabric.

Every piece is made from the softest sustainable fabrics to help your very own little pandas get the rest they need while also being kind to the skin and our planet.


NEW Family Classics, Gousto

According to research by Gousto, nearly nine in ten (87%) UK parents cater to fussy eaters at mealtimes. So, to help parents navigate dinnertime dilemmas, Gousto has launched a new ‘Family Kitchen’ range with 20 adaptable recipes for the whole family. The collection is now available to order at Gousto.

Gousto has over 250 recipes to discover on the menu every month and is one of the UK’s best value recipe boxes, available from just £2.99 per meal.

Introducing Haircare from Green People

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Whatever your hair type, Green People’s effective, gentle and, most importantly, natural solutions work to restore the health of your scalp and your hair’s natural shine.

Products are based on naturally-derived active ingredients, including Yucca, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Avocado, Pineapple and beneficial essential oils such as Neroli, Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin and Lavender. Packed with natural organic ingredients that won’t upset the scalp and hair, they use gentle cleansing agents to leave hair clean and fresh without stripping natural oils. All products are cruelty-free and vegan-approved.

Queen: Greatest Hits Volume 1, Yoto

Grab your cape and your air guitar because from today, Queen: Greatest Hits Volume 1 is available on Yoto as part of a landmark new distribution agreement between Yoto and Universal Music Group.

This timeless collection contains 16 classic tracks to rock out to and with over 25 million sales to date, it’s one of the biggest-selling albums of all time. It’s the ideal introduction to the music of Queen for young music lovers and the perfect soundtrack to kitchen dance parties, road trip singalongs and playtime air guitar sessions.

The new-and-improved 3rd Generation model of Yoto’s award-winning audio player boasts improved immersive stereo sound, which makes it the perfect kids’ player for the world’s best music. Yoto and UMG’s new partnership kicks off this month, today marking the launch of one of the UK’s best-selling album of all time, Queen’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1. This will be followed in the coming months by releases from some of the world’s most beloved and respected artists and labels from Motown to Bob Marley – as well as partner labels, including Disney Music, with many more releases to be announced in the coming months.

Cellular Hydration Serum, Skin Diligent

This serum revolutionises skin health by enhancing hydration, restoring the skin’s microbiota, and encouraging cell renewal. It targets visible signs of dehydration like fine lines, blemishes, and dullness, boasting an impressive 99.8% natural composition.

Containing PREBIOTIC, PROBIOTIC, and POSTBIOTIC elements, this innovative serum employs a triple-action strategy. Firstly, Probiotics and Prebiotics restore the skin’s microbiome, ensuring optimal function and reinforcing protection. Secondly, Magnesium and Hyaluronic Acid work together to hydrate the surface of the epidermis. Lastly, the patented ingredient Saccharomyces/Grape Ferment triggers cell regeneration and interacts with vitamin D receptors.

Safe for all skin types and ages, including sensitive or reactive skin, it’s a suitable choice for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals, certified free of estrogenic endocrine disruptors.


Stylpro Facial Ice Globes, Sephora

STYLPRO Ice Globes are a set of 2 cryotherapy facial massage rollers that use the cooling powers of icy temperatures to lift the complexion, enhance circulation, reduce eye circles, and drain lymph nodes.

Embrace the beautifying benefits of the cold with STYLPRO Facial Ice Globes. Massaging your face with our icy globes refreshes your skin by reducing redness, puffiness and enhancing circulation. Cryotherapy invites the skin to absorb moisture for intense hydration and firming. Massaging with icy temperatures encourages lymphatic drainage for the natural relief of headaches and sinuses. Keep in the freezer or fridge and glide smoothly over your face for restored and revived skin. Serve perfect skin over ice with STYLPRO.



“Baby skin is around three to five times thinner than adult skin. On top of that, the protective function has not yet fully developed, which means that it dries out faster, and toxins can penetrate easier,” explains Dr. Andrea Haidinger, MSc, Senior Product Developer for organic and fresh skin care at RINGANA.

RINGANAs new range was developed with the greatest care and includes a mix of high-end plant oils and valuable plant extracts of organic and pharmaceutical-grade quality.

Toys Of The Week

Style 4 Ever 3-in-1 Scrapbooking Station, Smyths

Introducing the Style 4 Ever 3-in-1 Scrapbooking Station. The must-have kit for crafting your own unique scrapbooks and creating trendy customisations for all your favourite accessories. Enjoy hours of creative fun and kick-start your creations with the notebook included.

With features such as embossing paper, colouring and designing stickers, creating and customising sticky tapes, and with over 150 accessories included, you’ll have everything you need to unleash your creativity and bring your scrapbooking ideas to life. With the 3-in-1 station, it’s so easy to create one-of-a-kind scrapbooks that will be treasured for years to come.

Biggies Inflatable Plush, Smyths

Introducing the all-new inflatable plush toy by Biggies. This unique ‘pump-it-up-plush’ action unveils an animal that’s a whopping 10 times its original size right out of the box.

The packaging itself is designed to build excitement even before the plush emerges. With a simple peel of the tab on the box’s side, a foot pump is revealed. As you start pumping, the box expands, the sides bulge, and suddenly, the cuddly plush bursts forth from the packaging!

Here’s the real treat—this magical reveal can be replayed over and over again. Thanks to reusable packaging, kids (with a little parental help) can deflate their Biggie, tuck it back in, and relive the excitement countless times.


Choose from a Unicorn, Dragon, Rabbit, or Puppy, while the exclusive Axolotl is available at Smyths. Parents can get a sneak peek through a spy window on the pack to discover which Biggie hides within.

Book of The Week

Charlie Finn Saves The King!, Pete Scott

A new king has been crowned in London, but a horrible bully from a faraway land is planning to steal his crown jewels! Luckily a brave and clever fox called Charlie overhears the evil plan, and he really HATES bullies! Will Charlie be able to save the king and his crown jewels in time?

A wonderful, heartwarming story told in rhyme, which emphasises the importance of standing up to bullies and being kind to everyone!


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