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The Measure: What’s Hot For Parents & Kids

Teoxane 3D Lip, Face the Future

Once Upon A Time, Clementoni

Wavy Apple Snackers, Organix

Here to supercharge snack time, purpose-driven children’s food brand Organix proudly introduces its latest delicious snacks: Wavy Apple Snackers. Designed to bring irresistible fruity goodness to lunchboxes nationwide, these dried snacks are the power-up little adventurers need to fuel fun-filled days in the sun.

As an extension of the Organix Kids range, these scrumptious bags of dried apple make snack time awesome for children from 3 years up! Made with 100% organic fruit and under 100 calories, they also count towards little ones’ five-a-day!

Wavy Apple Snackers are not just fruity; they’re also packed full of fibre to keep lunchboxes nutritious & delicious. With each delightful bite, kids will enjoy a wholesome treat that prepares them for their next adventure.

Each 15g bag of Wavy Apple Snackers is fully recyclable in store and can be picked up for £1.00 in Sainsbury’s, ahead of a wider national roll-out later this year.

NEW Tripp Trapp in Terracotta, Stokke

We are excited to share Stokke’s new Tripp Trapp colour Terracotta, launching on the 2nd of May, this new colour is the perfect addition to a stylish home, adding a pop of colour to the kitchen or fitting in with the aesthetic.

The new shade is a mixture of rich sophistication and warmth, creating a muted yet colourful piece of furniture that will fit into homes of any style.

From £219 The Tripp Trapp brings your little one up to the table from birth, and grows with your child so that they can always be involved during dinner time, teatime and breakfast time! This piece of furniture helps to maintain and build relationships between all members of the family. Easy to use and portable, the chair can move around the house with ease.


Cooling Scratch Star, Cosi Care

The Scratch Star is a one-of-a-kind product designed to help relieve uncomfortable itchy skin, distract from scratching and cool inflammation caused by common conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. We combine cooling, satisfying ‘fingernail’ like bumps and methods to distract children from itchy skin. It’s recommended you combine it with a moisturiser, and it’s perfect to use as a moisturiser applicator too!

The Cosi Care range is available for both adults and children aged 3+. Cosi Care products have received hundreds of 5-star reviews and can be refrigerated to provide extra cooling relief.



Learn With Peppa Pig Tonie, tonies

tonies® and Hasbro are thrilled to announce the launch of a new ‘Learn with Peppa’ Tonie for the Toniebox. The new Tonie joins tonies® best-selling PEPPA PIG collection – On the Road with Peppa Pig, Bedtime Stories with Peppa and George Pig – and is the latest addition to Hasbro’s ‘Learn with Peppa’ franchise, which was launched in January 2023 to support early years learning
and development for PEPPA PIG fans around the world.

Toy Of The Week

LoLibirds, VTech

Available in both pink and blue, LoLibird encourages learning through play for your little pre-schooler.

These cuddly interactive friends have a variety of ways to play. Light up buttons trigger sound effects that encourage nurturing and role play. This cute companion will also sit on little one’s shoulders with the magic of its very own magnetic pad, allowing them to accompany their owner wherever they go.

Your child’s new best friend loves to chitchat all day long. You can tell them anything and they will repeat it back in a funny voice or sing back to you in their own ‘LoLi’ language. So, be careful who is about when sharing secrets!

With LoLibirds, the fun never stops. Move them up, down and upside down to hear them make delightful sounds and see their eyes light up and change colour. They just love to get dizzy, and when you press their wing, they play lively music and sounds. Kids will have hours of fun together with their new best friend.

Latest Books

Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night?, Steven J. Simmons and Clifford R. Simmons

Ocean animals sleep, just like you! This informative, rhyming picture book dives deep to look at where and how ocean animals sleep in the sea.

Many ocean animals are active during the day, but where and how do they sleep at night? From sharks to dolphins and sea turtles to octopuses, plus parrotfish and whales and more, discover what these ocean creatures do when it’s time to go to sleep and the day is through.

Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night? is the newest addition to a three-book series, which includes Where Do Creatures Sleep at Night? and Where Do Big Creatures Sleep at Night?

Midwife Pip’s Guide to a Positive Birth, Pip Davies

Equipping parents with all the tools they need to feel calm and confident on their birthing journey, it covers everything from self-care and positive birth environments, to packing the hospital bag and the all-important new baby checklist. As well as advice on supporting parent’s mental health post-baby, and so much more, making the new book like a truly personal antenatal class.

Continuing her commitment to be the go-to support for mums-to-be, her debut book shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in a thoughtfully written guide, packed with evidence-based information, and insider tips and tricks from over 10 years’ experience as a practising midwife.

What’s On

The Dandy Fox Trail, The Mayfair Townhouse

Introduced for families (but open to all!), following a set of clues friends and families will be led on a self-guided tour through Mayfair’s bustling streets to find The Mayfair Townhouse’s mischievous mascot, the Dandy Fox, who has mischievously disappeared…

The treasure hunt will past some of Mayfair’s most vibrant art galleries and museums, renowned restaurants, and leafy parks. Each clue poses a question, and at the end of the trial, the answers reveal a secret code that will unveil the Dandy Fox’s final location, and a prize for the Dandy detectives!

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In The Spotlight

Start-Rite First Walking Shoes

As soon as your little one begins to explore outside on two feet, they need to have the right sort of protection and support. The diverse range of styles and fits available at Start-Rite Shoes are sure to suit the specific needs of your toddling explorer. Made from durable soft leathers and ultra-flexible lightweight soles, their gorgeous range is designed to suit the natural walking style of your child during this important developmental phase.



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