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My Baba Measure: What’s Hot This Week

Tackling New School Year Anxiety with Baby Annabell and Anna Williamson

Baby Annabell has teamed up with Anna Williamson to discuss ways to tackle new school year anxiety for both parents and children. Anna shares her top tips on how to cope: “There are times when the worry is unhelpful and can be counterproductive. Kids are very intuitive and pick up on all of your feelings, behaviours, and social cues. It can be really tough to mask how you are really feeling (and in many cases it’s important that we don’t) however when it comes to helping your kids have a smooth transition into school, it’s really important to try and park some of your angst in front of them so they can have as much of a reassured and confident start as possible.”

Introducing a Worry Doll for anxiety

Anna recommends introducing a Worry Doll. “A play idea to help eliminate common anxieties your child might be feeling around nursery or school this autumn is to utilise your Baby Annabell as a ‘worry doll’. A worry doll is a very important member of the family…if your child has any worries, encourage them to tell their worries to their doll. They can say it out loud and then once they have been brave and said anything that is worrying them, give their Baby Annabell doll a massive hug – here’s the best bit, the hug will squeeze the worry away.”

Check out Anna’s top tips in full here

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These soft-body, realistic Baby Annabell dolls help encourage new skills, empathy and imaginative roleplay for children, inspiring nurturing play patterns that’ll keep them busy for hours!


Peter Rabbit Changing Backpack, Enesco

The Peter Rabbit Changing Backpack from our friends at Enesco has been shortlisted in the Best Changing Bag Category at the Mother & Baby Awards 2022, supported by George at Asda!

Congratulations, Enesco!

Bubba&Me Bedside Crib, Ickle Bubba

Ickle Bubba has expanded their award-winning range of products yet again this season with the launch of their Bubba&Me Bedside Crib.

Making its debut today, this stylish compact cot is suitable from birth to around six months. The Bubba&Me Bedside Crib is designed so that baby can sleep right alongside parents – perfect for those 2am feeds or if they stir in the night.

Cuddle Up Carrier, Infantino

The ergonomic Cuddle Up carrier supports baby’s hips in the “M” position in both the front and back carrying mode, ensuring little ones are supported from knee-to-knee with a naturally rounded back, for a truly safe and comfy ride.

Parents will adore how cosy their little one looks in the arched canopy hood with fox detail (including the cutest ears). The removable hood keeps baby in full sight, while also being protected and super snuggly during the cooler days!

Tinto App

Introducing brand new Tinto, that’s set to revolutionise the way women navigate motherhood, Tinto is a pioneering new app that supports pregnant women and mums with high quality, one-to-one, and personalised advice from both other women and experts.

When women ask a question on Tinto, the app uses artificial intelligence to match them to like-minded mums based on their parenting style and stage of motherhood. That way, rather than receiving generic information and one-size-fits-all support, mums get specific advice that truly resonates.

Tinto also offers support from health and wellbeing experts and an exclusively developed smart AI. From midwives to physiotherapists, sleep experts to nutritionists, Tinto’s handpicked experts provide actionable advice that’s scientifically validated.

Twin Deluxe, SnoozeShade

A genius double-width pushchair sunshade that fits all twin buggies and double pushchairs with either two separate hoods, or one wide one. Thanks to its thoughtful design it is cleverly proportioned to suit both babies lying flat, or one lying flat while an older child looks out.

Suitable from birth, SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe has been made from a stylish, better-than-breathable air-permeable mesh fabric. Unlike draped blankets or muslins, this unique material lets air flow freely to keep the temperature regulated. Protecting little ones from up to 97.5% of UVA rays, parents can rest assured that their SnoozeShade creates the perfect environment for nap time when out and about, whatever the weather, whilst also shielding them from wind and insects.

Disney Wondersuits, BONDS

BONDS have just dropped their brand new range of Wondersuits with a touch of Disney magic. They’ll be arriving soon at Next and make the perfect Christmas gift for any little baba.

The range features famous characters from the Toy Story films such as Buzz Lightyear and Woody to name a few.



Baby Annabell Leah

Leah cries real tears when she’s upset – perhaps she’s tired and wants to close her eyes and go to sleep? Or does she want her dummy for comfort? Your little one will enjoy rocking her to sleep, giving her a dummy or bottle to soothe her or they could even try tickling her tummy to see if she giggles!

Adorable little Leah features lifelike baby functions and sounds, has a soft fabric body – perfect for cuddles – and comes with a soft romper, hat, bib, dummy, bottle and necklace!



Fifty years after the very first Mr Men book was published, the public has voted for the next two new characters. The choice was between Little Miss Brave, Mr Calm, Little Miss Energy, Mr Brilliant and Little Miss Kind. A rather excited Little Miss Brave held her nerve and was selected alongside Mr Calm, as one of the two most popular characters.

Mr. Calm, Roger Hargreaves

It’s time to meet Mr Calm, who is quite possibly the calmest person in the world. He appreciates the simple pleasures in life and nothing can upset or disturb him, which means he’s a calm head in a crisis. But unfortunately not all his friends approach life in the same way. Can Mr Calm help them to change their ways?

Little Miss Brave, Roger Hargreaves

Get ready to meet a new Little Miss who is fearless in the face of danger and proud to stand up for what she believes in. Little Miss Brave is not afraid to speak out and her inner strength and confidence is inspiring, particularly for Little Miss Shy. Will she give her the courage to challenge expectations too?

On the My Baba wish list…


Dreammaker Baby Sleep Aid

Trusted baby brand Tommee Tippee has launched the new Dreammaker, a scientifically proven light and sound sleep aid that recreates the environment of everyone’s first ‘home’, the womb. With pink noise, a red light and a pulsing glow, the Dreammaker’s design is rooted firmly in science. Developed in a world-leading sleep laboratory by sleep scientists at Northumbria University, the Dreammaker is a patent-pending sleep aid that not only relaxes your baba but lulls them into a peacefully deep and longer sleep.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a great choice if you’re in the market for a tablet-laptop combo for kids. There are three tablets in the Tab S8 series to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that fits the bill. Perfect for streaming, homework and playing games, the tablet is brimming with super-cool features and state-of-the-art tech. With superior, easy-to-use parental controls, the Galaxy Tab S8 series is an incredible kid-friendly range that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

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