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My Baba Measure: What’s Hot

The latest scoop from the mum life – parenting world, includes the best new toys, skincare, healthy snacks and more!

tonies® X Twinkl

tonies® announce a ground-breaking new partnership with Twinkl, the UK’s leading online educational resource platform to bring little listeners a super-exciting assortment of free audio content via their Creative-Tonies from 1st August.

The Twinkl-tonies® collaboration will see the launch of inspirational and educational content perfect for children of all ages. The partnership will kick off with sizzling summer stories just in time for the school holidays.

Lie back on your beach towel and listen to the sound of imaginations being sparked as children settle down to enjoy a feast of knowledge and narrative, in the company of their huggable musical storybox!

Car Organiser with Yeti Pouch, tonies®

With the tonies® Car Organiser you can listen to Tonies in the car and keep your Toniebox safe and secure on even the bumpiest of journeys.

The Car Organiser can be easily attached to your headrest and offers space for the Toniebox, Tonies, headphones, water bottle and much more! It is also compatible with the tonies® USB charging station – so little listeners have songs and stories to last them all day.

Muddy feet? The Car Organiser is made with robust and easy-to-clean material, so it can withstand even the muddiest of shoes.

Each Car Organiser comes with a tonies® Pouch, simply attach the Pouch to the Car Organiser (to store a few of their favourite treats).

Now all your favourite Tonies are always with you for every adventure.

BABY born My First Swim Boy

In the midst of the summer sun, there is no better activity than paddling pool fun with your little one. To make things even more exciting or to help build children’s water confidence, we would recommend BABY born My First Swim Boy!

Suitable for children one year and over, BABY born My First Swim Boy is the perfect pal for your child to play with in the pool or tub. This adorable doll can actually swim in water – simply wind up his arms and watch him swim front crawl or butterfly stroke!

He comes with a swimming outfit and cap that’s moulded to his body – fantastic for streamlined water play, and is perfect for racing, splashing and supporting imaginative play this summer holiday.



Labelling your child’s possessions at school/nursery is fundamental in keeping children’s belongings away from that bloomin’ lost property box! Easy2Name’s School Equipment Stickers ensure that property comes home and prevents you from frequently having to replace school/nursery supplies.

We know it’s not just property that goes missing either! An easy and simple way to help your little one identify their uniform or PE kit is with these Uniform Clothing Labels, these little miracles are affordable and easy to apply – and boy do they stick!

Want something even easier than stickers? Try the EasyStamp – it can be used on shoes, socks, clothing and even some bits of stationery! You can get up to 900 stamps from just one EasyStamp and if you manage to do that, they also sell refills! Stamp Refill Pads

Visit today to check out their other cool products like sew-in labels, iron-on labels, wristbands and lunchboxes.

Strawberry Fruit Bears, Baba West

Introducing Baba West Fruit Bears, the new solution for gut-healthy, nutrient-dense, immune-boosting delicious snacks for kids!

Fruit Bears are made with whole fruit and no added sugar, artificial colours, preservatives or additives, with each pack of Bears contributing to one of your child’s 5 a day. They’re a brilliant source of Vitamin C, to help support your child’s immune system.

Each Bear has been coated with the clinically researched strain of bacteria, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (BC30 TM ) which has been used in children to help support their digestive and immune health.

Pokémon collection, Clarks

The Clarks Pokémon collection brings much-loved Pokémon characters and icons to life – including Pikachu, Squirtle, Mewtwo and the famous Poké Ball. The super-cool designs can be found on classic Clarks Kids and legendary Clarks Originals sneakers and shoes, creating an awesome collection of ten styles expertly crafted for school and everyday wear.

Part of the Clarks Kids collection, Grip Pokémon sneakers let active feet make their mark on the playground or pitch with cool PLAYPRINTS soles that stamp Poké Ball designs with every step. What’s more, Grip Trade’s black leather finish makes them ideal for wearing from classroom to kickabouts. Crafted with reassuring Clarks comfort features like soft cushioning, shock-absorbing soles and easy on/off straps, the Grip collection takes care of busy feet, keeping them moving at lightning speed!

Adding to the fun, UK customers will receive an exclusive free Pokémon Trading Card Game Fun Pack with every purchase made across Clarks Kids Pokémon products from 1st August, while stocks last!

Overnight Skin Saviours,

The Overnight Skin Saviours trio by Flanerie-Skincare includes an eye serum to reduce the appearance of dark circles and plump up those fine lines, an overnight moisturiser and a body lotion.

Dark Circles Relief & Uplift Eye Serum

Hyaluronic acid helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines and works to brighten and awaken tired eyes. The delicate texture works to effortlessly blend into the skin, when gently applied with your ring finger.

Resurfacing Overnight Moisturiser

This leave-on-night treatment is prized for its brightening, anti-inflammatory, toning and anti-ageing properties. It will help ward off wrinkles by activating the natural defence mechanisms of the skin and reducing the look of discoloration often caused by environmental pollutants

Firming Body Moisturiser

With a pH of 5.25, this body moisturiser will help to seal in hydration, calm inflammation and soften dry skin. Formulated with extracts of Orchid, this active aims to retain moisture in the skin, boost the skin’s immunity and reduce fine lines and signs of ageing.

Glow Dreaming, the 5-in-1 sleep aid

Glow Dreaming is the creation of one desperate mum who struggled with her daughter’s inability to fall asleep. The device combines light therapy, aromatherapy, pink noise and a humidifier, which work together to relax and calm children and help them fall asleep.

Glow Dreaming uses red LED light therapy which NASA uses to help its astronauts sleep, as it stimulates the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. You may have heard about white noise but studies prove that pink noise, a combination of sounds naturally found in nature, is the best for sleep. Dr Stephane Pigeon, leading sound specialist, developed Glow Dreaming’s pink noise component. The sounds are a combination of frequencies commonly heard in waterfalls, rain and thunder.

The device also comes with organic, medicinal grade essential oils, designed to relax the muscles and calm the mind ensuring your child falls asleep, and a cool mist humidifier helps ease breathing, prevent snoring, and creates the ideal sleep environment for your child.


Stimuli Collection, Kaloo

Inspired by the cuddliest of kittens, the Stimuli collection by Kaloo not only offers an abundance of toys that are engaging, ideal for sensory playtime, but are also guaranteed to look stunning in any nursery. With a Scandi-inspired colour palette and feline characters with the sweetest smiles, the unisex collection, that is suitable for newborns, is sure to be a hit with little ones and parents alike!

Out of this World Collection, Charlotte Stirling-Reed X Party Pieces

Party Pieces teamed up with leading party planners Dazzle & Fizz, and the Baby & Child Nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed, to celebrate her children’s birthdays with a fantastic space-inspired party theme.

And now you can stop this show-stopping collection of hanging planets, rocket balloons, intergalactic dinosaurs and rainbow shooting stars at Party Pieces.


Toys Of The Week

Secret Saddle Unicorn, Kindi Kids

Rainbow Star the Dress Up Magic Secret Saddle Unicorn has arrived! Kids will be so excited as they uncover Rainbow Star’s secrets. Turn the Unicorn’s Rainbow Horn to open her Secret Saddle, there are so many accessories inside! Use her Star Brush to brush her unicorn rainbow mane and tail, and style her mane with her hair clip and hair bow.

Also concealed inside is a magical Shopkin Unicorn Star sponge. When you put her Shopkin into ice-cold water and wipe it across your Unicorn’s forehead, it exposes her beautiful face paint! Rainbow Star wears a gold star Tiara and has big glittery eyes just like the other Kindi Kids Dolls. This stunning unicorn is the ideal size for the Kindi Kids toddler Dolls to ride on. Place them on Rainbow Star’s winged saddle. Together they make the best play friends.

Octonauts Above & Beyond Octopod 6 Piece Playset

Adventure Above & Beyond with the iconic Octocrew HQ – the Octopod Playset. The Octopod is the perfect home for your Octocrew, Gups & Terra-Gups and features a Net Launcher that can be launched from the top of the Octopod or removed for launching away from the HQ!

There is also a Claw that attaches to the Figures to rescue creatures and also comes with a Spyglass accessory. Slide into action down the Slide with the 7.62cm Captain Barnacles Action Figure! He is wearing his exclusive Deep Sea Diving Suit and removable Deep Sea Helmet.

Latest Books

The Shark Who Barked, Jay Vincent

The Shark Who Barked tells the story of a young boy called Ben and his dog, Ted, who discover a shark named Bluey washed up on the beach. The Shark Who Barked takes children on an engaging, underwater adventure whilst helping them understand the interconnected relationships between marine species, biodiversity, and the balance of the ocean ecosystem.

The engaging storyline alongside Stew Wright’s colourful illustrations put a child-friendly spin on the hard-hitting issue of overfishing and plastic in the ocean. Although a simple storybook won’t solve the problem, the power of education could encourage the children of today to take action for the future of our planet.

New Book Series, Mr. Men Little Miss

Mr. Men Little Miss launches their first-ever book series exploring children’s emotional well-being with four delightful stories children will love and relate to.

Try Again is an inspiring and engaging Mr. Men Little Miss story about self-esteem and resilience.

Little Miss Brave approaches life head-on, bravely facing any challenge. Mr. Bump finds that he bumps and trips his way through life, but he always bounces back. Do you try again if things go wrong? It can be hard to be resilient when times are tough, but being able to adapt and recover from change or misfortune is as important for us as it is for the Mr. Men and Little Miss.

Be Kind is a fun and engaging Mr. Men Little Miss story about the power of kindness and the happiness it brings.

Lots of the Mr. Men and Little Miss are kind. Mr. Happy loves making his friends happy by doing kind deeds. But it can be easier to do what you want without thinking of others. Have you ever found it difficult to be kind? Mr. Mean probably finds it the hardest to be kind. Can Mr. Happy and Little Miss Giggles help him to learn that small acts of kindness bring much happiness?

Worries is a sensitive and engaging Mr. Men Little Miss story about worries, big and small, and how to manage them.

Mr. Worry worries about everything. It sometimes starts with a funny feeling in his tummy. Do you ever feel worried? Everyone worries sometimes. But Mr. Worry worries all the time. Can Mr. Calm and Little Miss Sunshine help him to ease his worries?

All Different is an empowering and engaging Mr. Men Little Miss story about appreciating and celebrating our differences.

Little Miss Tiny wishes she was taller, but Mr. Tickle loves his long arms, perfect for tickling. Do you appreciate what makes you unique? The Mr. Men and Little Miss are all different, and it’s time for them to realise that they’re all uniquely brilliant in their own way!

On the My Baba wish list…

Classic Sleep Bag, Ergobaby

Grey Muslin Set, La Coqueta

Fairtrade Diplodocus, Best Years


Introducing BABY Born’s My First Swim Dolls

Splish, splash, splosh, it’s paddling pool season and BABY Born’s NEW My First Swim Dolls are water-friendly dolls perfect for a summer adventure and pretend play.
By combining the warm weather with doll play in the pool or tub, little ones will have the ultimate summer fun with their new splash-tastic pal.

Suitable for toddlers aged one and above, children can take their My First Swim friends for an actual paddle! Simply wind up their arms and watch them whizz off in the water – with real swimming motions My First Swim Boy or Girl are total pros at front crawl and butterfly stroke!

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Shnuggle are proud to introduce the ‘Shnuggle Air Lite Bedside Crib’

This premium modern crib suits any interior with dual-view mesh panels for airflow and a quiet zip-down side for nighttime access. It includes an airflow mattress, hypo-allergenic fabrics, and complies with safety standards, featuring a low-level safety wall. Designed to ease colic and reflux, it offers six height adjustments and comes in compact taupe and grey options.



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