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My Baba Measure: What’s Hot

Oliver’s Cupboard

Oliver’s Cupboard is the baby food range set to inspire a generation of adventurous eaters, in convenient food pouches packed full of flavours. Oliver’s Cupboard celebrates authentic recipes from around the globe, from sambar and tom yum through to laksa and korma. The flavoursome pouches give all parents the chance to introduce their children to a world of flavours, broadening the tastes of little ones through adventurous aromas and textures.

Developed specifically for children from seven months, the nutritious 130g pouches are organic, Halal, and have no added sugar. Plus, the pouches don’t contain fruit, which keeps the recipes authentic and sugar-free.

Oliver’s Cupboard was born when British Bangladeshi mum, Sadia Ahmed, struggled to find baby food that offered diverse flavours for her son, so she created a brand that aims to represent all cultures and communities.

Nuno Fuzzy, Fuzzy Stars

And now for an introduction to the irresistibly huggable Nuno Fuzzy – the super soft toy with purpose, and his unique collection of books, specially created to inspire little ones and introduce them to important life values in a fun and friendly way.

Nuno is the cuddliest dino companion and the perfect gift for any little one. He is also the main character in a series of fun-filled rhyming books, where he learns about life’s most important values. Thoughtfully written and illustrated with the help of incredible authors and teachers, Nuno becomes the book’s ultimate role model as he explores friendship and acceptance of others, through his first two adventures.

Baby Annabell X Motherkind, Toddler Milestone Moment Series

Baby Annabell has partnered with UK parenting podcast Motherkind to bring you four very special podcast episodes with four very special guests.

The Toddler Milestone Series will expertly guide you and your toddler through starting pre-school, welcoming a new sibling, feeding and sleep with some of the UK’s top parenting experts.





In the second episode, they speak with clinical psychologist Dr Martha, covering lots of tips and advice for the milestone of welcoming a new sibling into the family when you already have a toddler. This transition can create a host of new emotions as they get used to navigating different routines with a new family member.





The third episode in the series stars the brilliant mum of two and child nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed as she shares top tips on how roleplay can help set up healthy mealtime routines for toddlers.

Child Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed discusses the difficulties parents face during mealtimes and the apprehensions they have in ensuring their children are getting all the nutrients they need to develop. In the hour-long episode, Motherkind founder, Zoe Blaskey, chats with Charlotte about her best tips and tricks to build and maintain healthy eating habits for their little ones for life.

Mini First Aid

First aid brand Mini First Aid is excited to launch two new products this autumn, as the team unveils its updated Mini First Aid Kit and brand-new Large Family First Aid Kit.

The trusted brand, best known for delivering multi-award-winning first aid classes to the nation through its 70 strong franchises, has created the new kits specifically to support families with their first aid needs.

GRO Hair Serum

Postnatal hair loss (also known as postpartum hair loss) is often tied to both hormones and your natural hair growth cycle. Starting anywhere from weeks to months after giving birth, rest assured, it’s both normal and temporary. Most women bounce back within a year, so be patient when looking for new growth. If you’re looking to support your return to a normal hair growth cycle, focus on eating healthily, choosing scalp-friendly formulas and reducing stress where possible.

Madie Wilkes experienced postnatal hair loss ‘I had postpartum thinning, bald spots, and it was so short and globs would literally come out in the shower when I would brush it…. I never really saw a light at the end of the tunnel for a true hair transformation until I found out about Vegamour.’

She added ‘I use the GRO Hair Serum in my nighttime routine after I brush my teeth and I use the scalp detoxifying serum once a week to clarify the scalp so my VEGAMOUR products really dive deep into the hair follicles!’

Right now My Baba readers can enjoy 20% off sitewide at Vegamour, using code: MYBABA20.




Budsies are custom stuffed animals made from drawings and artwork. Unlike other toys and stuffed animals, a child uses their imagination to create and draw their very own character, and then they see that creation come to life as a toy that they can play with for years to come.

Budsies are your child’s own special treasure—nobody else in the world has anything like it. Every stuffed animal is made to look just like your picture, the only limitation is your imagination!

NEW Suckies, The Collective

It’s official. The Collective, aka the dairy shaker-uppers, expand into pastures new, as two NEW alternatives join its much-loved Suckies yog-squad.

Made with a unique combination of oats and coconut for a thick and creamy texture and with no pips and bits, the deliciously smooth dairy-free yoghurt alternative is blended with real fruity goodness for a lip-smackin’ taste. Moreover, each pouch is packed with live cultures and provides sources of vitamin D & B12 for immune support and calcium for strong bones. Kids can get their hands on three yummy flavours – strawberry, peach & apricot and banana.

The Collective No Added Sugar Suckies come in three NEW flavour combos; kids can go wild for strawberry & banana, banana & cocoa or mango & peach. Made with British milk and packed with real fruit; the mild ‘n’ milky yoghurt contains only natural ingredients with no added fruit concentrates for a natural fruity sweetness with softer flavour – perfect for l’il humans who are newer to exploring the world of yoghurt.

Not only will kids love to eat them, but these yoghurts also keep them happy and healthy too, providing a source of Vitamin D for immune support.

London Fashion School Week at Cloud Twelve Kids Club

Get ready to dress and impress at Cloud Twelve’s London Fashion School Week Event! Come on a journey through time with us and explore the best of the world of fashion with your little ones from the past, the present and the future!

In the room dedicated to the future of fashion kids will create futuristic designs by upcycling plastic, paper and other materials; in the “past” they will be going back to 60ies, 70ies and 80ies for fun disco vibes. Finally, in the “now” they will be dressing up with a design wear rental company Babu to strike a pose as a catwalk.

Explore vibrant colour palettes, collage making, learn pattern and shape cutting to show your creative flair in our textile activity. Discover sustainable outfits and accessories within our upcycling and recycling studio for kids and parents. Express your inner artist in our dress up activities to set new trends for this season. Once your collections are ready you’ll be ready for the catwalk show to strike a pose.


London Fashion School Week activities will run over: Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2022.

Event times: 10am to 12pm; 1pm to 3pm; 4pm to 6pm

Tickets: £40 for non-members (ticket includes one adult per child)

For bookings please email us at or call 020 3301 1012

Toys Of The Week

Mega Treasure Bot, Treasure X

Repair, Rebuild and Power Up with Treasure X Robots Gold and bring the ultimate Mega Treasure Bot to life! Discover the future of Robots when you search for real Gold Dipped Treasure.

Rebuild Your Own Robot

Take on 25 levels of adventure as you repair, rebuild, and power up this fantastic Mega Treasure Bot with the Treasure X Robots Gold. Smash through the Robot’s rust and use the tools to explore all his features.

Unbox the Surprises

The Treasure X Robots Gold comes with several surprises to discover! There’s an exclusive GoldCrown Treasure Bot Action Figure inside the Mega Bot’s Head. You can also re-fuel your Robot with Robo Ooze. Activate the Robot’s Weapon and help him crush the Crate to find your real Gold Dipped “Power Core” inside the Robo Dirt!

Latest Books

Rudy and the Wolf Cub, Oxford University Press

When Rudy finds a lost wolf cub at the skatepark, he knows he has to help him. Rudy tries everything he can think of to find the cub’s pack, but they’re nowhere to be seen, or smelled, and time is running out. Can a howl in the night change the fate of the little cub? How-how-harrooooow!

Rudy and the Monster at School, Oxford University Press

When the scary new boy at school gets upset and runs away from class, Rudy knows he has to help. The trouble is, Rudy’s wolf senses lead him to the really spooky castle on the hill. Is Rudy brave enough to follow his nose, and find out the truth behind the monster at school?

Convertible Ice Cream Shop, Miles Kelly

Available to preorder now! The Convertible Ice Cream Shop is the perfect playbook for toddlers aged 3+ years to play shops with their friends or independently.

The beautifully illustrated Convertible Ice Cream Shop is made out of six sturdy card panels, and is easy to put up, fold down and play with wherever you wish, be it a bedroom, kitchen, garden or even the park!

When playtime is over, simply fold down and easily store like any large book.

On the My Baba wish list…


Baba West Fruit Bears

Baba West Fruit Bears are made using whole fruit and no added sugar or artificial colours. Bears contain a well-researched friendly bacteria, BC30TM to support your child’s gut and immune system, with each serving delivering over 1 billion friendly bacteria to their gut.

Baba West Fruit Bears are not only a source of vitamin C to help keep your child’s immune system in top condition but they are also a source of prebiotic fibre, high in fibre and a source of friendly bacteria to keep their gut happy and healthy. Bears are made using the whole fruit and count towards one of your child’s 5-a-day.

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