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My Baba Measure: What’s Hot

Wobbly Tower Pastel Rainbow, BIBS

BIBS Wobbly Tower is designed with endless possibilities of use – only the imagination sets the limits. The toy encourages stacking and play in both sand and water. It comes with imprints and small holes of different sizes to create a shower effect where the water flows out at different speeds.

It is designed to stimulate the different senses with both rattling sounds and different textures for touch, while also refining the child’s motor skills.

twoplus Applicator, twoplus Fertility

twoplus Fertility has unveiled a new fertility device to help couples to conceive without the need to have penetrative sex. The twoplus Applicator is a single-use device designed for couples who are finding ‘sex to conceive’ is becoming a chore in their busy schedules, or those who are unable to carry out intercourse normally; for example, couples who have problems with penetration or same-sex couples.

Assisted vaginal insemination is a conception method that can be used to alleviate infertility in couples that are suffering from conditions like vaginismus, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. The twoplus Applicator can also be used when couples want to have more control over where sperm is deposited – by ensuring sperm is directed into the cervical opening you can optimise the chances of natural fertilisation. It also ensures that sperm bypasses the acidic, lower vaginal tract where most sperm can’t survive.

As easy as using a tampon applicator and designed to fit comfortably into the vagina, the Applicator’s rounded end maximises the flow of semen. A sterile sperm collection cup is also provided in the pack, as well as detailed instructions, although it couldn’t be easier to use. Semen is drawn into the Applicator from the sperm collection cup and the Applicator is inserted into the vagina.  Finally, pushing the plunger on the Applicator releases the semen.

According to Dr Benjamin Tee, co-founder at twoplus Fertility: “Our mission is to help couples conceive quickly and effectively while preserving the joy and intimacy in the process as much as possible. We are delighted to hear of couples’ successes using our devices and look forward to the births of many more bundles of joy.”

The twoplus Applicator is available for £28 and the twoplus Applicator Extra, including the soft tip accessory, costs £38 from

SleepSack®Ideal Temp Sleeping Bag Range, HALO

HALO®, America’s leading Safe Sleep brand has just launched a temperature-regulating sleeping bag set to take the guesswork out of how to dress your baby for sleep. The ground-breaking SleepSack® Ideal Temp is currently the only temperature-regulating sleeping bag for babies, and it’s flying off the shelves in America, as new parents snap up this genius new invention.

SleepSack Ideal Temp from HALO

The Ideal Temp sleepsuit is made from smart fabric that keeps your little ones at a comfortable temperature all year round, taking the guesswork out of how to dress them for sleep.

The SleepSack Ideal Temp works by helping to keep babies at a consistent, ‘ideal temperature’ by using IntelliThread™ temperature regulation technology, a smart fabric that absorbs heat when baby is too warm, stores it, and then releases it back when their temperature dips. Pretty amazing, right?

HALO’s new SleepSack helps keep babies at a comfortable temperature, avoiding heat spikes so they can sleep better. The IntelliThread™ fibres are embedded in the fabric, which means they won’t wash out or fade.

Limited-Edition Pink Tummy Rub Butter, Mama Mio

Pregnancy skincare specialists Mama Mio are launching a limited edition Pink Tummy Rub Butter in partnership with CoppaFeel!, one of the UK’s leading breast cancer awareness charities.

The brand is turning their best-selling Tummy Rub Butter pink to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and support the cause by donating 20% of the sale price to CoppaFeel!.

Polarn O. Pyret X Pink Ribbon

This October, Swedish clothing brand Polarn O. Pyret has teamed up with Pink Ribbon again for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The much-loved brand is proud to be supporting the Pink Ribbon Campaign this October, with the launch of its iconic Original Stripes in a gorgeous limited-edition pink.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the PJs/loungewear are super soft and comfortable and the best bit is they are available for the whole family. The range includes a nightgown and top/bottom set for adults, as well as a matching top/bottom set and onesie for the littlest ones.

With 10% of the profits from sales of this design (during October) going to the internationally recognised pink ribbon campaign, this is twinning at its very best.

One to watch: Petit Pli

Petit Pli are the brand engineering clothes that grow, up to seven sizes with your child. Their range of garments promise to grow with your child from nine months to four years old, with everything in the range lightweight, showerproof, durable, and ready for any adventure.

Petit Pli uses recycled water bottles to make their range of clothes that grow up to seven sizes, and they’ve just been awarded a €100,000 grant and a feature placement on Amazon Launchpad.

Toys Of The Week

Dentist Set, Janod

French company Janod are experts at creating colourful, original wooden toys for kids, and we love their new Dentist Set.

The ideal kit for any budding dentist aged 3 years and up, the Janod Dentist Set includes a range of wooden accessories, including pliers, an anaesthesia syringe, removable dentures, a dental mirror to find the slightest cavity, a drill, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, so the patient is able to take his samples home! There are also two super-cool cards illustrating dental X-rays to allow children to make their diagnoses.

Tummy Ache, Orchard Toys

Players must try to put together an edible meal in their place setting, but beware of making yucky combinations that will cause a tummy ache! Players pick up food and drink cards from the central pile and place them on the different sections of their plate. If they pick up one of the yucky ‘tummy ache’ cards, they must shout out ‘Tummy ache!’ and place it on their board to be replaced later in the game

The winner is the first player to fill their playing board with five food cards to make an edible meal.

Children find this game quick and easy to play and understand, and will be screeching with laughter at the horrible bugs, slugs and worms they can see amongst their everyday foods! It is also a great way to teach children about turn-taking and encouraging communication by asking them to talk about their favourite food. Tummy Ache is perfect to play in school with friends, or at home with family.


Latest Books

Africana, Kim Chakanetsa

Discover the incredible history and diversity of the African continent in all its splendour with this beautifully illustrated and fact-filled encyclopedia.
This fascinating and beautiful book is divided into broad geographical sections which celebrate and showcase the peoples, landscapes and wildlife from different regions of this great continent, and bright and bold illustrations bring these facts to life.

Learn about the astonishing history of the continent, as the birthplace of the very first human beings, through rich historical civilisations such as the ancient Egyptians, the Benin Empire and the Kingdom of Kush, up to the development of the dynamic cities of the modern day.


History’s BIGGEST Show-offs, Andy Seed

This book takes young readers on a tour of some of history’s greatest show-offs, from wealthy kings and queens who loved to splash the cash to masterful musicians who weren’t shy about their talents or brilliant artists who could not stop telling others how great they were.

Some of the showoffs in this book include:

  • Queen Elizabeth I of England, who owned over 2,000 pairs of gloves.
  • Alexander the Great, who named more than 70 cities in his vast empire after himself,… and one after his horse!
  • The Montgolfier brothers, who showed off their flashy new invention, the hot air balloon, in front of huge crowds and even the King and Queen!

Andy Seed’s hilarious text brings these crazy but true stories to life, as he tells readers tales about massive palaces, fast cars, monster banquets, immense armies, frilly outfits, dazzling bling, musical masterpieces, epic artworks, outrageous inventions and much, much more!


What’s On

Little Manfred

Capture the magic of Sir Michael Morpurgo OBE (author of War Horse), inspired by the illustrations of Michael Foreman OBE, on stage at the Polka Theatre this October half-term, as the Soldiers’ Art Academy brings his novel Little Manfred to life.

With stunning puppetry and original storytelling, this is an unmissable production adapted from this much-loved story. Fuel your child’s love of reading this half term by showing them Sir Michael Morpurgo’s inspiring story, which never fails to enchant.

Set in 1966 following World War II, the story follows Charley and her little brother Alex when a chance encounter allows them to learn of their mother’s past, and of the friendships that can be formed in difficult circumstances.

Playing from 22-30 October at Polka Theatre, Wimbledon.

Box office: 020 8543 4888


Tickets: from £10

A performance of the Michael Morpurgo play ‘Little Manfred’ at the Soldiers’ Arts Academy’s Summer Party, at Cardiff Castle in Wales.

Stick Man Live

Stick Man will leave the family tree this Autumn/Winter and return to the stage for festive seasons in London, Coventry and Leeds!

Based on the book by Julia Donaldson with illustrations by Axel Scheffler, Freckle Productions’ smash-hit adaptation of Stick Man is back in the West End at Leicester Square Theatre for its 11th annual West End season from 22 October 2022 to 2 January 2023, with additional seasons at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry from 1 to 31 December and Leeds Playhouse from 7 to 31 December.

On the My Baba wish list…

Footmuff Spring, Leclerc


Coco Mat, Naturalmat Baby

Perfect for newborns and babies, the Coco Mat is the original natural-fibre mattress from Naturalmat Baby. Firm, flat and breathable, the Coco Mat is made from layers of organic coconut fibre and soil association certified organic wool.

Spring Mat, Naturalmat Baby

The Spring Mat is a flippable pocket-sprung nursery mattress that grows with your child. Sandwiched between sheets of organic lambswool and coconut coir are two distinctive layers of support. A layer of springs provides the firm bounce you’d expect from a grown-up mattress, while flipping the mattress brings to light a sheet of natural latex foam for softer support.

Latex Mat, Naturalmat Baby

The Latex Mat is the perfect mattress for toddlers: Supple support for their growing bones, with natural breathability. Here’s the science: the core layer of airy latex foam (tapped from the Hevea tree) contains thousands of tiny air bubbles, providing springy support with no nasty chemicals.

Stokke Sleepi Mini With Coco Mat, Naturalmat Baby

Carefully crafted from sustainably-sourced European beechwood, the Stokke Sleepi is the bed that evolves as your child grows. The Sleepi expands to accommodate the changing needs – and sizes – of your growing child, all the while maintaining a comforting familiarity with its distinctive oval shape.

We’ve paired the Stokke Sleepi with one of our natural-fibre Quilted Coco Mat mattresses. Handmade in Devon using organic & sustainable materials, the Coco Mat is the perfect mattress for your little one.


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