If you were born any time during the 1980’s chances are you’ll know the song (unless you were hiding under a rock somewhere) and you’ll maybe even have been lucky enough to have taken a family trip to one of their megastores at some point during your childhood. Woking was our nearest Toys R Us, and the memories we have as kids are ones we’ll treasure for ever, despite our dad reminiscing this weekend that it was ‘hell on earth’ – although he did have a fond memory of my sister prancing up the aisle on rollerskates with a guitar shouting ‘Brian May, Brian May!’ – (yes, that’s our editor, Ellie Thompson!).

We’ve had to say goodbye to many iconic stores over the last couple of decades years, firstly Woolworths then Blockbuster and a couple of years ago, BHS – and these are only a couple from a very long list. My heart feels so heavy that it’s now time to say goodbye to Geoffrey the giraffe and his true legend of a store. I’m so sad my kids won’t grow up being able to go to that magical place with toys of a million all under one roof! How will Christmas be the same?

In tribute to our beloved toy store, in particular the Woking branch and its interiors that never really changed since 1989 (same blue tills!) here’s a list of some of the toys we remember purchasing when we were kids. See ya, Geoffrey. We’ll never forget you!

Little Tikes Cosy Coup

Fisher Price Activity Centre

Speak & Spell

Super Soaker Power Drencher

Big Yellow Tea Pot

The Little Professor

Teddy Ruxpin

Mr Frosty

Mr Pop!


Newborn Baby Shivers

Guess Who?

My Little Pony

Lego Technic



Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Pogo Ball

My Child Dolls

Star Wars AT-AT

Petite Post Office

Care Bears

Pound Puppies

Cabbage Patch Kids

Polly Pocket

Cadburys Chocolate Machine

Barbie Magical Motor Home

Roller Skating Doll



Nintendo Game Boy

Dream Phone

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