Most babies take their first steps at around a year old and are walking fairly confidently by 15 months. Once your baby becomes more mobile you may want to kit yourselves out with some of the handy products below. From gates and guards to protect around the home, to reins, buggy boards and shoes to make sure trips out run as smoothly as possible, we have all the bases covered.

Clear View Stairgate, Fred Safety

Anti Skid Tape, Fred Safety

Toddler Reins, LittleLife

Wrist Strap, LittleLife

Buggy Board, Mothercare

Roamer Polka Toddler, Clarks

SmarTfold 700, SmarTrike

Nappy Pants, Kit and Kin

KiDSnav Venture

Stove and Hob Guard, Fred Safety

Anti Tip Kit, Fred Safety

Toddler Backpack with Rein, LittleLife

Child ID Bracelet, LittleLife

Sleepsuit, Love to Dream

First Steps Baby Walker, Mothercare

Micro Trike, Micro Scooter

Small Measuring Gauge, Start-Rite

Xplorer Origin Navy, Bobux


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