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Celebrate National Best Friend Day With 30 Years Of BABY Born

Today marks National Best Friend Day, and who better to celebrate with than BABY born? The beloved doll has been a best friend to many little ones over the past three decades, with lots of original fans growing up to have their own real-life babies to care for.

Download BABY born’s Friendship Cards here so your youngsters can share their favourite things about their own best friends. Simply print off the BABY born friendship card, and help them write their BFF’s name and the reason they love them so much, for a fabulous gift to put a smile on their best friend’s face!

Happy 30th birthday!

What’s more, this year, parent company Zapf Creation is celebrating 30 glorious years of BABY born with an exciting new range, and on behalf of parents and little ones everywhere, we’d love to wish them a very happy birthday!

The benefits of playing with dolls

Dolls in general have been around for a long time, and are one of the oldest toys children have ever played with. We all remember growing up and having that special bond with a baby doll. The main reason for their popularity in human history is that a doll represents a child themselves, and so allows our children to gain an understanding of themselves and others. Caring for a doll teaches children responsibility, empathy, and compassion.

The perfect play partner

BABY born has always sought to deliver high-quality dolls that make the perfect play partner. Many generations have learned that the possibility for play is endless with a BABY born best friend by their side. They possess all the qualities of a perfect best friend and will be there for every adventure, whatever the weather. BABY born dolls ignites imagination and helps children learn through play, as they encounter creative, imagined scenarios with their dolls. Children will learn to communicate and care for each other, just as they take care of their dolls.

Can I bath my Baby born?

It’s a popular question that’s been googled many times, and the answer is ‘yes’.

Over the last 30 years, BABY born has led the way in innovation, so their dolls will always make the perfect BFF.

They can go in the water, so your little ones can bathe them. They can also drink, cry, ‘eat’ and ‘poop’, enabling life-like mother and child play that will teach your little one so much.

And if that’s not enough, doll play just got even smarter, with BABY born’s introduction of Magic Eyes, a range of dolls that allows your children to truly take the lead. This new function allows little ones to be in control of waking their BABY born and putting them to sleep.

To celebrate National BF Day and 30 years of the much-beloved BABY born brand, there’s a fantastic range of exclusive Happy Birthday items so your little one can throw the perfect party for their bestie.

BABY born Magic Dolls

Meet the BABY born Magic dolls! Simply pop the dummy in their mouth and twist one way to open their eyes and the other way to close. Plus the new range of BABY born Magic dolls can do all the amazing things they did before and more. They can drink water, cry tears, wet nappies and use the potty, eat their special food and take a bath!

BABY born Magic dolls have flexible arms and legs so they can sit up alone. There’s a super-stylish clothing range to choose from and lots of incredible accessories for imaginative play. Think nappies, bottles, beds, bathtubs and of course the all important dummies.

Deluxe Happy Birthday Set 43cm

As every little girl and boy knows, there’s little as exciting as a birthday.

The BABY born Deluxe Happy Birthday Set includes everything needed to throw a very special birthday party, including a beautiful party dress with tulle details and an out-of-this-world print, a sparkly pair of gold sandals, a purple and gold birthday crown, and even BABY born’s own birthday cake with candles and a cake lifter.

Deluxe Happy Birthday Outfit 43cm 

Another addition to the range is the BABY born Deluxe Happy Birthday Outfit.

A super-fun party outfit that’s bound to steal the show at any birthday celebration. Complete with purple sequined dress and detachable bunny mask to share with the birthday girl. With matching accessories, from headband and bag to boots, this is the ultimate birthday outfit.

Happy Birthday Changing Bag 

The BABY born Happy Birthday Changing Bag is the ultimate accessory for mini-mums and mini-dads in 2021.

With a star-spangled space theme in bright gold, with contrasting purple straps and handles, the bag is big enough for little ones to keep all their parenting essentials in one place. And within the bag is everything BABY born might need throughout the day; a nappy, powder bottle, changing mat and rattle, encouraging imaginative play at any time of the day!

Happy Birthday Interactive Magic Dummy 43cm

Whether it’s a birthday present for BABY born or the perfect accessory for their big day, little ones will love to treat their dolls to this magical new dummy.

With a wonderfully colourful new design, the dummy includes a duck-shaped clip and customisable look with three fun shapes that can be swapped and changed, extending play time. The real star features are the interactive light feature and extra special sound effects.

Where to shop BABY born

The new BABY born Magic dolls and birthday accessories are suitable for children aged three-plus to early school years. Available from all good toy stores, including Smyths Toys Superstore, The Entertainer, Argos and Amazon. For more information, visit

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