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The Best Inspirational And Educational Toys For All Ages

If you’re after the best educational toys for all ages, you’ve come to the right post.

Smart Toys and Games is the worldwide leader in creating multi-level logic games and famous for designing inspirational and educational toys. When it comes to the best educational toys, Smart Toys and Games have 25 years’ experience. The award-winning brand ‘Smart Games’ has become recognised for its truly inspiring collection of games with innovative mechanics and themes for all ages. With toys and games suitable from ages 1 to adult, there really is something for everyone, whether you want to enter the playful world of magnetism, occupy your little ones whilst travelling, or even have a sneaky game for yourself, Smart Toys & Games is your one-stop shop.

Best educational toys for all ages

Magnetising fun!

Let children 1+ explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a fun and safe way with SmartMax, the award-winning preschool magnetic construction system. For the youngest members of the family, the ‘My First’ collection includes a wonderful range of animal play-sets as well as magnetic building blocks with different sounds, styles and textures. Little ones can combine the sensory blocks to build the coolest totems; or follow one of the many picture challenges! The current hero, My First Acrobats will stimulate multiple cognitive skills including Concentration, Language, Planning and Visual Perception.

As children grow, SmartMax develops with them with ball run sets and more! The whole SmartMax range is 100% compatible so the creativity is endless!

Pre-schooler must haves!

For the youngest audience, the SmartGames range has so much to offer, perfect for playing together with the parents or grandparents. Everybody learns while having fun! The brands much loved preschool games include Bunny Boo, a fantastic and fun introduction to concepts such as above/below, inside/outside, visible/hidden, etc, and Camelot Junior where little ones have to arrange the beautiful hardwood towers and stairs to create the path for a knight and his princess to be reunited. The range also includes the charming ‘Once Upon a Time’ collection which features Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack & The Beanstalk and Three Little Piggies – ensuring the most magical of playtimes!

Keeping young minds active…

With fresh launches every year to keep avid gamers on their toes, new for 2021 is Apple Twist, which has 60 challenges from easy to expert, offering plenty of food for thought, as well as Pirates Crossfire which offers 4 playing modes, and 80 challenges, sure to fire up the cannons… and the brains!

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Learning made fun!

The Skillmatics range of ‘Write & Wipe Activity Mats’ promise hours of fun with its challenge-based activities to engage little ones. The innovative products which support ages 3+ have been thoughtfully designed to build children’s core skills and reinforce key learning concepts. Created by educational specialists, the fun range engages young learners as they experience the joy of discovery and self-learning. Based on the principle that children absorb concepts better through repetition, using their ‘Skilly Billy’ pen on the Skillmatics ‘Write and Wipe Activity Mats’ keeps learning fresh. So little ones don’t get bored, there’s lots of activities to choose from including shapes and patterns, brain games and the animal themed sets.

Play and learn on the go!

For those on the go, the bestselling magnetic collection from SmartGames is perfect for long car or plane journeys. The compact magnetic game board ensures everything stays in place and with games such as Flippin Dolphins, Brain Cheeser and Down The Rabbit Hole to name a few, they promise hours of fun too! Engaging the minds of children and adults alike, players can select various challenges, from easy to expert, and have to place all the magnetic puzzle pieces onto the game board to match the image shown, but that’s not all, players must also figure out the correct place for the remaining puzzle pieces. These fab games stimulate a range of cognitive skills and keep the whole family entertained when travelling.

The most fun way to challenge the mind…

For older children and adults that love solving puzzles, the bestselling IQ range is perfect for rainy days, or taking in the car or plane. From easy to expert, navigate your way through the booklet of 120 multi-level challenges to solve the puzzles by fitting the pieces in place. With multiple themes to choose from including IQ Puzzler Pro, IQ Circuit, IQ Link (just to name a few!), these single-player mind bogglers will keep you puzzling for hours. With a number of games suitable for various ages from 6+ (up to adult), there is something for all young minds!

Build, Play and Learn…

For those who love DIY, science and engineering, the wooden construction sets from Smartivity are some of the best educational toys that promise to not only engage young minds and inspire future makers, but provide the perfect rainy-day activity, promising to make learning fun. Once complete, they provide little ones with a high-quality toy to play with. Based on the principles of STEM, Smartivity’s laser cut construction and activity sets are made from sustainable, engineered wood. From cars to rollercoasters, music machines to robots, children 6+ will enjoy building, playing, and learning from these brilliant DIY kits. Through play, Smartivity introduces children to fundamental STEM concepts like domino effect, force, momentum, gravity, elasticity and trajectories among others – learning has never been so much fun!

Fidget toys that inspire the mind

We all love a fidget toy, but what about a truly smart fidget toy?! Happy Cube is the fun collection of 2D and 3D foam puzzles for the whole family to enjoy. Each set comes with six coloured puzzles, flat-packed. The first part of the challenge is to make the six cubes, each one a little harder than the previous. Once they have been made, the next step is to fit them all back into their flat packs, which is easier said than done! These brainboxes will challenge you for hours… and don’t think they’re just for children – adults get addicted fast!

Or focus the mind with TrueBalance, designed in cooperation with occupational and physiotherapists as a medical device to improve focus and fine motor skills as well as an aid to help children with attention deficit disorders. Stack to Solve this unpredictable game of balance… it’s the ‘fidget’ toy for both children and adults.

Fun for the whole family!

When it’s time to get together, you’ll want to be sure you have the best educational games suitable for the whole family. Smart Toys and Games has got you covered with their multi-player board games. For those aged 6+, Froggit is sure to be a favourite. Encouraging flexible thinking, clever planning and the art of frustrating your opponent, this exciting game is great for two to six players and will provide educational fun, encouraging players to learn whilst they play. Last but not least, 30 Seconds will give your family and friends hours of enjoyment and laughter. In this fast-paced general knowledge game, players have just 30 seconds to describe five names on their chosen card, for teammates to guess. From landmarks to TV shows, celebrities to politicians, players will be kept on their toes whizzing through the list as fast as they can – without saying the actual words or using any ‘sounds like’ or rhyming tactics.

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