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Leonora’s Top 10 Apps For Kids To Explore This Summer

Tablets provide access to a diverse selection of apps that combine entertainment and education for our children. With so many apps promising to help kids learn new things and practice their skills, it can be hard to know which are truly worthy of screen time.

The best apps are those that enable kids to acquire knowledge, improve their literacy and numeracy skills, and explore various subjects such as science and history. Additionally, they might offer a variety of games and puzzles that foster cognitive development, memory retention, and problem-solving aptitude. And then there the apps that help kids with mindfulness, wellbeing and mental health.

Choosing a tablet to access the best apps

Samsung Tab S8 Series

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a tablet for your child. Is it durable, does it offer sufficient parental controls, how good is the user interface and battery life, and how much does it cost?

We recommend the Samsung Tab S8 Series. It’s kid-friendly and jam-packed full of cutting-edge technology. It’s durable and easy to use, allowing easy access to apps as well as enabling kids to stay in touch with friends and family members who may not be nearby. Video calling apps such as Skype and FaceTime enable kids to chat with loved ones in real time, which can be especially important during the holiday season.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is loaded with parental controls via Google’s Family Link app.

This clever tech lets you monitor their usage and prevent them from accessing certain apps.


Choosing A Tablet? Why The NEW Galaxy Tab S8 Series Is Seriously Great For Kids

Best Summer Reads For Kids

Leonora’s best apps for kids

Leonora shares her ten best apps for kids to explore this summer, from wellbeing and bedtime meditations and stories to creative design, music, maths, English and language learning.


Headspace is at the top of my list of the best apps for kids. It’s a great place to start if you want to try meditation. The Headspace app has a family plan and offers a huge library of meditations, mindfulness and exercise activities for kids. I like to do this with my kids after bath time at the end of the day to help them switch off, ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Calm Kids

Calm Kids is another brilliant app for wellbeing, especially bedtimes and for those who find going to sleep hard. The Calm Kids section has an ever-expanding library of Sleep Stories for Kids from The BFG and Matilda to Peppa Pig and Winnie the Pooh.


Build a library of books to listen to as story tapes on your child’s tablet. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for on this brilliant app or search by genre. Listening to audiobooks has improved my children’s vocabulary and they’re a great alternative to watching TV in the car.

Simply Piano

Lots of my family learnt to play an instrument using apps over Lockdown and I’ve heard this is a great one to start if piano’s your thing. Simply Piano is a fast, fun easy to navigate. You’ll be amazed how much you can flourish with only 5 minutes of practicing per day.

Anki App

The Anki App is a fabulous study tool for children with upcoming exams. Thanks to its clever testing method built into the app, you can test yourself whenever you have five minutes to spare. I’ve been making flashcards with my kids using Anki, which lets you add text, sounds, and images. We’ve been using the cards as a revision tool for a few weeks.


Do you have a budding DJ on your hands? Groovepad lets you make your own music without any extras and it’s really fun to use. This app helps you create original songs with different tracks. You can experiment with mixing genres and styles before mastering your beat-making skills.


We used Canva for years before I downloaded it for my daughter. In essence, Canva can make anything look good, especially homework. With thousands of customisable templates, Canva is a graphic designer’s dream. It has to be tried to be believed.


Duolingo is a fun, free app for learning languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. This is still the world’s most-downloaded education app! Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. I love this app, and the children have even tried Latin!

Mrs. Wordsmith

This vocabulary game-based app is great for younger kids with parents who want to expand their vocab in a fun way. I downloaded it over the weekend, and my youngest is hooked.

Pet Bingo

Through exciting multi-level activities, children can master addition, subtraction, and multiplication while having a blast. This educational app incorporates specially crafted hints from teachers, facilitating kids’ comprehension of mathematical concepts. Ideal for children aged 5 to 11 years, Pet Bingo offers an entertaining and effective approach to learning math.

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To find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, click here. Head to the Google Play Store to download Leo’s recommended best apps for kids.


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