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13 Best Podcasts For Mums And Mums To Be 2024

Podcasts can offer a brilliant insight into parenting, whether it’s tackling the day-to-day challenges of bringing up children, picking up some new parenting techniques or facing up to mental health, this collection of top podcasts for mums covers it all. Oh, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to our very own podcast, My Baba’s Parental Control, and listen to interviews with popular influencers, experts and more!

Best podcasts for mums 2024

Here’s our collection of the best podcasts for mums, dads and parents in general that you need to download this year.


How Not To Screw Up Your Kids

Parenting has got a lot harder, not just because we are busier than ever but because our children are growing up in an ever-changing, fast-paced world that is so different from the one we grew up in.

Dr. Maryhan Baker’s free resources build on each podcast episode and are collated together in one place. You can access an online library of printable, downloadable resources to help you build your family toolkit.

Listen along to How Not To Screw Up Your Kids. Listen on iTunes and Spotify.


Scummy Mummies Podcast

Dubbed the show for “less-than-perfect parents”, comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn discuss all things parenting and delve into current affairs and culture, amid farting and fish fingers.

The fortnightly podcast covers various topics, including breastfeeding, IVF, feminism and often features special guests.

Listen along on Download on iTunes here or Android here.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Join Giovanna Fletcher as she embarks on frank and warm conversations about parenthood with high-profile mums and dads.

The mother-of-three, discusses all aspects of parenting: the highs, the lows and the challenges, following the success of her book Happy Mum, Happy Baby. Giovanna believes that it’s time to stop comparing ourselves and champion each other instead. No topic is out of bounds making Happy Mum, Happy Baby a great listen for any parent seeking solidarity and support.

Listen along on Download on iTunes here.

Made By Mammas: The Podcast

The Made By Mammas baby blog comes to life in podcast form, where Radio Broadcaster Zoe Hardman and PR Executive Georgia Dayton discuss the baby brands they love, the products they couldn’t live without and their first-hand experiences of motherhood.

Each episode sees Zoe and Georgia chat with a famous face or an expert in their field on a host of topics ranging from pregnancy to sleep to activities to do with little ones. Guests include including some My Baba favourites: the Magic Sleep Fairy Alison-Scott Wright and Kimberley Walsh.

Listen along on Acast or download on iTunes here.

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Parental Control from My Baba

Parental Control is a monthly parenting and lifestyle podcast created by My Baba and hosted by the website’s founder Leonora Bamford and editor Ellie Thompson. Parental Control is about feeling in control as a parent or prospective parent and feeling confident tackling problems head-on.

Each month, we’ll discuss current and ongoing issues that affect mums and dads throughout parenthood and tease out the solutions with the help of some brilliant guest and expert speakers.

Listen along on our podcast page or on Apple Podcasts here.

Parental Control, Ep 27: Why A Routine Is So Important From Day One With The Blissful Baby Expert Lisa Clegg

We invite maternity nurse aka The Blissful Baby expert Lisa Clegg to the show to discuss baby routine and sleep. Lisa shares her top tips, which include how to introduce a bottle to a breastfeeding baby and how having a routine doesn’t mean that you can’t go out for a day with friends. Our podcast on baby routine includes discussion about different ages and stages, with Lisa confirming that it’s not just down to luck when you have a baby that sleeps well.


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Not Another Mummy Podcast

Not Another Mummy Podcast is one of the UK’s top parenting podcasts with previous guests including Philippa Perry, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, Emma Bunton, Rosie Ramsey and Meg Mathews. Host Alison Perry chats to a different guest each episode about parenting and family issues.

Listen on iTunes or Spotify.


Two New Mums

Two New Mums Amy Voce and Jennie Longdon are two podcasters who fell pregnant two days apart with not a clue between them. From pregnancy to birth and becoming new mums, join them along the way. Whether you’re on a fertility journey, currently pregnant, undecided about kids, or you’ve been there done that, there’s something relatable for every mum.

Join Amy and Jennie and a load of experts for an extremely honest, far from perfect ride, as they navigate this new, unpredictable part of their lives.

Listen on iTunes.


The Parenthood by The Bump Class

Ever felt like you don’t have all the parenting answers? Us too. Tune into The Parenthood, a podcast from the founders of The Bump Class, Marina Fogle and Dr. Chiara Hunt to discover expert answers to the questions that parents are really asking. Whether your child has reflux, or nits or you’re worried about returning to work, The Parenthood has the answers.

Listen along on or download on iTunes here.

The JelliePod

My Baba’s very own editor Ellie Thompson hosts the popular fertility podcast, The JelliePod, alongside her husband Jamie.

The duo have been vlogging and blogging about their own TTC/IVF journey since 2017. They’ve also been hosting The JelliePod to interview guests about their own journeys of infertility and fertility treatment and experts with advice as well as the couple taking to the mic to document their third and final frozen cycle, which sadly failed.

Don’t miss out on all the action! Choose your preferred platform and give this a listen!

Listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

Episode 1: Where Were You When I Ovulated?

My Baba’s editor Ellie Thompson has just launched a brand new podcast all about fertility, dedicated to bringing guests onto the show to talk about their own real-life journeys, as well as documenting her third IVF cycle this summer. If you’d like to come on and talk about your IVF/TTC/fertility journey, please email us at We hope you’ll join Jellie to share the laughs, the lows and the love in the coming months.


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The Motherkind Podcast

Motherkind presenter Zoe Blaskey is on a mission to help you find inner calm amid the madness of being a modern mum. Zoe speaks to some of the best wellness teachers from around the world. Each episode introduces a new teacher and topic discussing everything from how to calm a toddler down and dealing with anxiety to simple things like how to have a better day.

Listen along on or download on iTunes here.


Spinning Plates

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s podcast Spinning Plates is all about busy working women who also happen to be mothers and how they make it work.

Sophie is a singer with five sons who are aged between 1 and 16 so she’s not a stranger to spinning a few plates herself!  Being a mother can be the most amazing thing, but it can also be hard to find time for yourself and your own ambitions. Sophie takes a look at how other women manage the juggle, as she interviews interesting and inspirational women who’ve really made her think, laugh, and sometimes cry.

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Best podcasts for dads

And of course, besides the amazing round-up of podcasts for mums, there are some fantastic shows for the boys too.

Dadcast – Misadventures in Parenting

Parenting is tough. It’s also hilarious, annoying, brilliant craic, dangerous and soul destroying in small, and sometimes big measures. This podcast is for all the Dads and Mums who know this all too well, or indeed for anyone thinking of becoming a parent, or anyone who knows a parent. Caked in snot and puke this is the unvarnished truth of being a Dad.

Featuring the ramblings of Adrian Barry, Nathan Murphy, Dave McIntyre and Ger Gilroy, the Dadcast will examine the worst excesses of sleep deprivation, unruly toddlers, inopportune poohs and escaping from the trap of middle age spread.

Publishing weekly every Tuesday, or whenever the kids’ chickenpox allows, the Dadcast welcomes your feedback however tangential or nappy-brained. Also available on Spotify.


Parenting Hell

Parenting – just not as you know it. Join Rob and Josh twice a week as they share their tales of parenting woe and chat with celebrity parents about how they’re coping, or not coping. New episodes are available on Tuesdays and Fridays every week.

Listen on Spotify.


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