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What Should My Summer Baby Wear Home From The Hospital? How To Bring Your Baby Home Safely

Bringing your baby home from the hospital is a momentous occasion, it makes the start of a new life for you all. You’ll want to ensure their first journey home is a safe and snug one, and Red Castle’s Babynomade is the newborn product we’d recommend popping on your baby shower list.

The perfect accessory for bringing baby home

The Babynomade is a multi-use wrap-around blanket designed to be used in conjunction with your baby’s car seat, carrycot, and stroller.

Made from super-soft material, its rear harness slots allow you to secure the Babynomade to your baby’s car seat or stroller. This makes it a great way to transport your precious bundle home safely and comfortably.

The Babynomade is a much safer alternative to dressing baby in bulky snowsuits or coats for car travel which is never recommended. What’s more, this blanket is portable, and it can stay in situ in the car seat ready for its next use.

An essential travel accessory

What we love about the range of Babynomade blankets is that they’re designed for cocooning your baby, and the product’s nifty design makes it super-easy to do, with minimal disruption to an already sleeping baby.

The Babynomade blanket will help your newborn feel safe and secure as they adjust to life outside the womb. Combine the Babynomade with your little one’s coming home outfit and you’ll be all set to embark on their first trip outside. They’ll leave hospital feeling snug and cosy in their surroundings for the perfect homecoming.

What should a summer baby wear home from the hospital?

Or more to the point, what should an air-conditioned baby wear home?

Online shopping for an outfit to bring your baby home in will no doubt be top of your to-do list in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, so it’s worth a bit of thought.

It’s the start of the summer, and while temperatures might be hotting up outside, the air conditioning in the hospital and in your car is something to be aware of, as temperatures can get quite chilly. It’s unlikely you’ll be spending any amount of time outdoors, so your focus should be on what the room temperatures might be as opposed to the heat outside, so you can plan for every eventuality.

Newborn babies struggle to regulate their own temperatures, and it’s reported that some babies can lose heat nearly four times faster than an adult. That’s why we recommend packing a variety of different options when it comes to your hospital bag.

The key is to keep things simple so your baby is comfortable. You should look to pack simple short and long-sleeved babygrows and vests, together with cotton hats and scratch mitts. For summer babies, a lighter tog Babynomade will keep your baby warm during their journey from hospital room to home, giving you the option to easily loosen or remove the blanket completely when stepping outside into warmer temperatures.


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How does the Babynomade blanket work?

The design of the Babynomade makes it the perfect companion for your newborn. The blanket is fitted with an inner waistband and a velcro closure so you can secure your baby comfortably inside. Its sleeveless, enveloping design incorporates a hood to keep baby’s head warm, whilst its side flaps wrap over your baby, leaving two little ‘pockets’, perfect for tiny feet.

The key feature of the blanket for us has to be its rear harness slots, making the Babynomade car seat and stroller compatible, so you can get out and about with ease.

Babynomade range

Red Castle’s Babynomade comes in two different sizes, 0-6 months and 6-12 months so it’s a product you’ll get good use out of.

There are three different types of blanket available depending on the weather/time of year: a single fleece, double fleece, and the Babynomade Protect, which is made from waterproof material. It’s worth noting that the Protect isn’t suitable for use in the car, but is invaluable for keeping your baby snug and dry in their stroller in the event of a downpour.

When it comes to travel, be it by car or buggy, we’re sure that you’ll find the Babynomade blanket will be one of your go-to products for the first twelve months of your baby’s life.

For more information visit Kiddies Kingdom.


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