Monday 18th – Sunday 24th November marks this year’s Road Safety Week. We’ve teamed up with car seat manufacturer Nuna to bring you this must-read car seat safety guide. This super-handy check-list explains the car seat fitting process in detail, so you can be sure your child is safe and secure.

Car seat safety guide

Choose the right seat. By law, the seat you buy needs to meet EU standards and your child needs to be in the correct category seat for their age and size.

Assess the harness tension. You should be able to slip two fingers under the harness at the shoulder and wiggle slightly. If you can lift the shoulder strap or pinch the belt into a loop it’s not tight enough.

Remember rearward seats are the safest. It is recommended that a child stays in a rear-facing seat until they are 4 years old or they have reached 18.5g.


Save lives. Always check the car seat before you travel.

Ensure the correct harness height. It should be level or slightly below the child’s shoulder for rearward facing seats and level or slightly above the child’s shoulder for forward-facing seats.

Assess the headrest height. Always ensure the child’s head is within the confines of the headrest

Take off winter coats. Before buckling up or they can prevent the straps being fastened securely.


Secure your booster seat. Never leave an empty booster seat unfastened behind you.

Adjust the harness for every journey. Get into the routine of lengthening the harness before clicking the release button so it’s easier to get your little one out and ready for their return too.

Fit your car seat properly. If you’re buying the car seat in-store then take your car and get a trained member of staff to fit it for you.

Ensure the car seat belt is tight. Don’t forget to check it daily. You know the seat is tight enough when you flick it and it makes a noise.

Think about getting a mirror. Fix it to the headrest of the rear seat so you can see your little one and vice-versa.

You can keep your family safe by following these simple tips.


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What are car seats so important?

According to Child Accident Prevention Trust, 12 children under 10 in the UK are killed or injured as passengers in cars every day.

Damon Marriott, Head of Product Development at Nuna says, “A poorly fitted or set up car seat can lead to potentially devastating results if involved in a collision. ISOFIX attachment helps to drastically reduce installation errors. The most common issue, that applies to both belted and ISOFIX seats, is that the child is incorrectly set up with regards to the harness/ headrest height. With Nuna seats, like Rebl Plus and Norr, we incorporate ISOFIX installation and utilise a 3 stage progressive insert and no-rethread harness systems, to help tailor fitment to the growing needs of the child”.

We take a closer look at Nuna’s range of car seats, designed to fit children of all ages from birth right up to 12 years.

Group 0+ (0 – 13kg / birth to 1.5 years approx)

With lightweight carry handle the Nuna PIPA Lite LX is a great car seat to carry your newborn home, as it can be used as part of a travel system.

The seat has side impact protection and a crumple zone within the stability leg to absorb impact and minimise force. There are removable infant inserts so the seat can be used right up to one a half years old. There’s a UPF 50+ canopy with flip out eyeshade that’s both removable and extendable. The PIPA is super-easy to install with its five-second True lock™ base.

Group 0+/1 (0 – 18.6 kg/ birth to 4.5 years approx)

The REBL Plus is a 360°, seven position recline car seat with both rear and forward facing options. Its ultra resilient steel frame with protective plastic shell has been designed to exceed i-Size standards. The patented tailor tech™ memory foam and removable infant head and body inserts offer the ultimate in side impact security. The REBEL Plus benefits from true lock™ installation with nine position ISOFIX anchors for an ultra tight, custom install.

Like the PIPA, the REBEL has crumple zone within the stability leg to absorb impact and minimise force. There are coloured indicators on the stability leg and ISOFIX attachments to let you know when the seat is securely in place.

Group 0+/1 (0 – 18.6 kg/ birth to 4.5 years approx)

The rear facing Nuna NORR car seat is ideal for newborns up to approximately four years of age. With removable infant head and body inserts and a one hand, height adjustable head support that adjusts to seven positions, the NORR offers a lot in terms of comfort for your child.

This car seat is is made from ultra resilient plastics and steel reinforcement making it a seriously secure seat. The NORR incorporates side impact protection, and crumple zone within the stability leg. As car seats go, this one is super-easy to install with its true lock™ base installation technology and nine position ISOFIX anchors for an ultra tight custom install. Like the REBEL Plus, the NORR benefits from coloured indicators on the stability leg, so you know your child is safe and secure before you drive.

Group 1/2/3 (9kg – 36kg / 15 months to 12 years approx)

The MYTI is Nuna’s group 1/2/3 car seat for older children up to 12 years old. The MYTI is made from the same top of the line plastics and steel reinforcements as the others in the range. The MYTI boasts premium i-Size protection from harness car seat to belt-positioning booster. The side impact protection system includes EPS energy absorbing foam and tailor tech™ memory foam for all over side impact protection.

Nuna have once again made life easy with the seat’s true lock™ base installation and nine position ISOFIX anchors, colour indicators and integrated harness holder. The seat’s three position recline make life on the go super comfy.


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