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Choosing A Moses Basket: The Safer Sleeping Benefits Of Keeping Baby Close

Baby’s first bed is an important choice for parents, it is the first sleeping space when you bring your baby home from the hospital. We know how important it is to ensure baby sleeps soundly and safely with you by their side, and that’s why we recommend the Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket, perfect for keeping baby close.

Why is it important to keep baby close?

There’s no doubt that newborn babies spend more time sleeping than they do awake. Getting enough sleep is essential for a baby’s physical, emotional and cognitive development, and it’s just as crucial that they have a safe and comfortable sleep environment for those much-needed naps.

Keeping your baby close as they sleep can have a significant impact on their overall well-being. Not only does keeping a baby close by promote bonding, but it can also reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), facilitate breastfeeding, and increase overall safety. The Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket provides a safe and comforting sleep environment, ensuring the restful sleep needed for healthy growth and development.

Studies have also found that keeping your baby close by can help them sleep longer and more quietly. Through a simple reassurance that you’re close by, hearing and feeling your movements has been found to help them sleep longer and more quietly. In addition to this, getting your baby used to general levels of noise around the home while they sleep will make them less likely to be awakened by noise, and also give you more freedom during nap time to get on with your day without the worry of waking baby.

Introducing the Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket

The Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket is a modern and stylish take on the traditional Moses basket, which is believed to originate from the biblical story of Moses left along the River Nile in a basket made of wicker.

Winner of the 2022 Junior Design Award and Made for Mums Award, the Dreami is unlike traditional wood or wicker sleepers. Dreami uses whisper-quiet materials meaning there is less disturbance to your baby during night feeds and changing, and also if they wriggle in their sleep. Wicker can also be tricky to keep clean; it’s not the most hygienic of material, which is why the Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket has been made using alternative materials with longevity, comfort, breathability and closeness in mind.

How the Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket supports safe sleep

There are lots of benefits to using a Moses basket for both you and baby, and the Dreami Moses Basket ticks all the boxes. The Dreami Moses Basket is eay to clean and maintain, allowing it to last longer than average.

Improved airflow

Dreami works to improve airflow. The liner is made from 100% breathable 3D mesh fabric, which is cotton-facing, so it’s soft against baby’s skin. Its hypoallergenic inner core wicks away moisture, offering complete comfort for your little one.

The base of the Dreami is ventilated, reducing the risk of airflow restriction for a safer and sounder sleep. Researchers believe that improved airflow and ventilation can help to reduce the risk of SIDS, giving you reassurance that your baby will be sleeping safely. Newborns naturally generate heat, especially when sleeping on their backs, so having the materials under them to promote airflow provides more comfort for baby.

Two-position stand

The Shnuggle Curve stand has been specifically designed for Dreami, offering a sturdy and secure stand for the basket.  It has two positions – fixed and raised, which is ideal for placing beside the parent bed for night time, and a lower-level gentle rocker option, perfect for day napping and soothing.

Helps keep baby close

Due to its lightweight and sturdy design, the Dreami Moses Basket can easily be moved from room to room, letting you keep the baby close and keep an eye on them while you carry on with your day.

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Without any fibers or wicker to worry about, the Dreami Moses Basket is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Lasts longer than traditional Moses baskets

Dreami is suitable for babies aged 0-6 months or until your baby can roll over or start to pull themselves up. It’s 45% longer than the traditional Moses basket, so you won’t need to consistently change sleeping arrangements as your baby grows.

Safety is the number one priority

The Shnuggle Dreami has been produced with design, safety and functionality in mind. It is fully tested to all relevant EU standards, including EU – EN 1466 and UK BS EN 1466: 2014 making it the perfect choice for baby’s first bed.

Creating the perfect style

Create the perfect pairing with both colour and a Moses basket design to instil a sense of comfort, confidence and connection for baby and parent. Shnuggle has embraced wellbeing tones by introducing both Taupe and Eucalyptus colourways to create a warm cocooning space that feel intimate, inviting and familiar. Dreami is also available in Slate Grey, White and Grey.

Shop now

To find out more, or to shop the Shnuggle Dreami Moses basket, click here.

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