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How to Create a Stylish, Minimalistic Nursery

I believe less is more when it comes to creating a safe and tranquil space for your baby. A minimalistic nursery doesn’t have to be boring if you know where to shop. You can make a statement without spending a fortune on things you don’t really need.

What nursery furniture do I really need?

I always think placing emphasis on one or two focal points in a room is a recipe for success. You should also make sure you’re investing in quality products that will grow with your child.

When it comes transitioning your baby to their own room, the key things to consider include: a cot bed, chest of drawers/changer, wardrobe, nursing chair and shelving space. Don’t forget black-out curtains to help baby sleep soundly.

It’s worth checking out the Scandi-inspired minimalistic nursery range at moKee. The brand has recently undergone a huge make-over, introducing new lines to their already super-stylish selection of quality furniture. The new furniture range has been carefully selected to provide you with the hardworking (and beautiful) essentials.



Schplendid Midi Cot

The new Schplendid Midi Cot is Schplendid by name, and stylish by nature.

This cleverly designed midi cot bed is available in a range of cool colours combined with natural beech.

It’s a sleep solution that will grow with your child from birth to six years old. All you have to do is simply remove the sides to transform the cot into a cosy bed.


Cot mattress

It is so important to invest in a decent mattress for your cot. Your chosen mattress should help support your baby’s body as it grows.

The new Ramen mattress by moKee has been billed as the safest, cleanest and most comforting mattress on the market. It’s 100% breathable, so if your baby turns over while sleeping, you can rest assured your baby can breathe straight through the mattress.

The mattress is supplied with a soft quilted cotton shell, which can be both removed and washed. The mattress itself can be washed clean in the shower, making it super hygienic.


Mini Mobile

Cot mobiles are brilliant for baby’s visual stimulation, relaxation and developmental skills. The moKee mini mobile is made from 100% natural wool in an understated neutral colour that will look stunning in any nursery.

The mobile holder is made from high-quality plywood, which looks gorgeous. I’m not a fan of plastic, especially when it comes to children’s toys. This option not only looks tonnes better, but is so much kinder to the environment in the long-run.


Schplendid Changing Table

Match your Schplendid Midi Cot with the Schplendid Changing Table, available in moKee’s four classic colours: white beech, stone teal, dusty aqua and stone blue.

It’s a super-stylish changer made from solid beech and pine wood, sporting moKee’s signature tapered beech legs.

The changing table consists of two spacious shelves useful for storing nappies, muslins, wipes, cotton wool and creams (and a change of outfit in the event of a poonami!).


Schpinkle Wardrobe

When it comes to nursery décor, a decent wardrobe is essential. I tried to get away with not having one with our first, but now we have two children, one chest of drawers for the pair of them is just not enough.

The new Schpinkle wardrobe from moKee is both stylish and functional with lots of hanging space, and room for shelves. There’s even a pull-out drawer at the base, which I find comes in handy for things like swaddles, sleep suits and sheets.


Schpinkle Drawers

This has to be my favourite item from their new collection. moKee’s trendy Schpinkle drawers are a great match with the wardrobe.

Made of oak and MDF and supported on beech legs, the drawers are long and spacious to house everything your baba needs.

The Schpinkle chest of drawers are two available colours – Snow White or Squirrel Grey, both are shades that will compliment any chosen colour scheme.

Do I really need a nursing chair?

This is a question we’re asked a lot at My Baba, and in my personal experience, the answer is ‘yes’. A good nursing chair will come in handy for so many eventualities, as well as providing you with a comfortable space to feed your baby at all hours during the first few months. I’ve kept my chair in my daughter’s room, we use it every night for storytime.



The moKee Woolchair is a fabulous choice of nursing chair. What’s more, it’s a stylish piece of furniture that will look great in your living room, once you and your baby have outgrown it.

Made from natural materials, wool fabric and a solid beechwood frame, its ergonomic design features a sloping back and curved arms for ultimate comfort.

There’s also a matching footstool which is so handy if you’re like me and enjoy putting your feet up at all times!



Schpinkle Open Shelving

Whether you opt for wall shelves or a standalone shelving unit, moKee have brilliant solutions for both.

I love the look of this cabinet made from solid oakwood and MDF, and of course, it nicely matches up with the rest of the Schpinkle range.

It’s another product from the moKee range that doesn’t have a shelf life (excuse the pun); this would look good literally anywhere in the home.



Mini Gym

The moKee mini gym is by no means an essential, but I think you’ll agree, it would make a gorgeous addition to your nursery.

Play gyms are brilliant at helping baby develop all sorts of important skills, both physically and mentally.

What I love most about moKee’s mini gym, is that it’s a double purpose product, as you’re also able to attach it to the cot.



Soft Seagrass Moses Basket

This gorgeous seagrass Moses basket is perfect if you are on the move.

I’ve recently learnt from experience that it’s always handy to keep a Moses basket in the house until baby is fully grown out of it. We’d moved my son out of our bedroom last month when he turned six months old, but we had to bring him back in at night last week for surveillance following a nasty chest infection.

This seagrass Moses basket comes in turquoise, natural and orange, with stand sold separately. This item is so hot off the press, it’s not available until the beginning of December, but it’s well worth the wait!

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