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Review: 2-in-1 CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix + Lux Car Seat

If you’re looking to invest in a car seat that’s built with safety and longevity at the forefront of design, the CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix + Lux car seat is well worth a look. A group 123 seat, the Pallas B2-Fix + Lux is suitable for children aged 9 months to 12 years of age. We take it for a test drive to check it out.

Introducing the CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix + Lux Car Seat

It’s always worth pointing out that it’s by far safer to use rearward facing car seat until your child is 4 years old. Sometimes it’s not always possible, especially if you’re using a two-door car or a smaller vehicle. If that’s the case, Cybex offers a range of reliable alternatives.

Forward-facing only

The Pallas B2-Fix + Lux is a 2-in-1 forward-facing-only car seat with ISOFIX connect for a safe and super-easy install. The seat is height adjustable so it’s one that will grow comfortably with your child as they continue to develop.

Billed to be a ‘reliable protector’, the Pallas B2-Fix + Lux boasts advanced safety features for enhanced protetion from impact forces, including an adjustable impact shield for younger passengers under 15kg.

Adjustable impact shield

The CYBEX impact shield sits across your child’s lap and works to guard little ones against the forces of a front impact. It works in a similar way to an inflated airbag, absorbing the force of impact over its relatively large surface area. And of course, once your child reaches 15kg, the impact shield can be removed, and the seat will grow with your child for another decade, working in conjunction with your car’s own seatbelts.

Linear Side Impact protection

The Linear Side-impact Protection System Plus provides increased safety in the event of a side-impact collision. It works by attaching to the side of the seat to reduce the impact forces of a side-impact collision for improved safety. If your vehicle’s back seat is tight on space, you can easily remove it and keep it somewhere safe.


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Patented reclining headrest

The CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix + Lux car seat caters perfectly for those important naps on the go. Its patented reclining headrest offers two recline positions to allow your child to sleep without tilting their heads forward. The seat helps to keep the head in a protected position in the event of a side crash, while Linear Side-impact Protection Plus will help absorb the forces of the collision.

Lightweight and easy to carry

If you’re looking for a car seat you can transfer from vehicle to vehicle at a moment’s notice, the Pallas B2-Fix + Lux is ideal. At 5.7kg this is an ultra-lightweight seat, making it incredibly easy to carry. Installation as previously mentioned is a cinch, so you can switch cars seamlessly as often as you need to. The backrest of the seat adjusts to give you the perfect fit against your vehicle seat.

Shop CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix + Lux now

The combination of long lifespan plus advanced safety features makes this a great option for your child. The Pallas B2-Fix + Lux is available in four colours: Volcano Black, Bay Blue, Steel Grey or Dynamic Red.


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