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Get A Perfect Nights Sleep With The Simba Hybrid®

If you’ve been on the quest for the perfect mattress, your search might just end with the Simba Super King Hybrid Mattress. This mattress boasts a meticulously crafted design with six expertly engineered layers, offering a luxurious 25cm depth of comfort. Let’s dive into what makes the Simba Hybrid® stand out.

Key Features:

Patented Aerocoil® Technology:

The mattress features up to 2,000 patented Aerocoil® micro springs, providing unparalleled comfort and transforming your sleep experience.

SupportCoreTM Base:

With up to 1000 durable springs, this innovative base ensures support across the entire mattress while featuring 68% less foam, promising a stable and supportive surface.

Simbatex® Foam:

Engineered for precise temperature control, Simbatex® foam ensures a comfortable sleep environment, adapting to your body’s needs.

Eco-friendly Design:

The mattress boasts a GRS-certified cover made from recycled yarns, promoting improved airflow and sustainability.

Guarantee and Trial:

Simba offers a 10-year guarantee, and a risk-free 200-night trial, and has gained the trust of over one million customers with more than 500,000 units sold.

Environmental Commitment:

Simba is committed to being Net Zero by 2030, making it the first sleep brand in the UK to be awarded the prestigious B CorpTM accreditation. All materials used are 100% recyclable.

Awards and Reviews:

With over 250,000 five-star reviews and 50 prestigious awards, Simba stands as the world’s most five-star rated mattress brand, attesting to its quality and customer satisfaction.

The Simba Story: Inventing the Perfect Mattress

Simba’s journey began with a simple belief: the perfect mattress didn’t exist, so they set out to invent it. Through 70 prototypes and data from 10 million sleepers, Simba created the Hybrid® Mattress, earning it B CorporationTM accreditation.

Addressing Common Sleep Challenges:

  1. Aches and Pains: The 13-Zoned Titanium alloy Aerocoil® spring layer provides tailored pressure relief, ensuring proper spine alignment and absorbing partner movements.
  2. Restless Partner: The SupportCoreTM Base features breathable, edge-to-edge springs, offering stability and preventing dipping or rolling, even at the mattress edges.
  3. Environmental Concerns: Simba ReGenTM, made from surplus offcuts, diverts foam from landfills and reduces foam content by up to 68%, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  4. Overheating: Simba’s GRS-certified cover made from recycled yarns enhances airflow, keeping your mattress fresh and cool, while the SupportCoreTM allows increased breathability.

Environmentally Conscious Design:

Simba goes beyond comfort; all foam in their mattresses is CertiPur® verified, ensuring safety and environmental responsibility. The company operates a non-profit recycling service, accepting any used mattress for recycling or refurbishment.


Simba Hybrid Mattress not only promises a night of unparalleled comfort but also addresses common sleep challenges and environmental concerns. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Simba has truly redefined the art of sleep.

Sponsored content in collaboration with Simba.
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