There isn’t any excuse to not recycle in the UK today. Currently only 17% of household waste is recycled on average, which is much lower than other places in the EU, with some recycling over 50% of waste, according to Recycling Guide. What’s more, an astonishing 60% of rubbish that ends up in the dustbin could have been recycled.

It varies from place to place the availability of recycle options, but overall most people have access to recycle at least part of their household waste.

Recycling around the home

Recycle Now categorise the recyclable items by room in this short clip. Below we’ve listed a quick break down of what you can recycled around your home.

Living room

  • old newspapers
  • cans
  • envelopes


  • plastic milk bottles
  • glass bottles
  • breakfast cereals
  • dishwasher
  • kitchen tubes
  • washing up liquid and pop bottles
  • tins and cans


  • shampoo, bleach, bathroom cleaner bottles
  • toilet roll tubes
  • toothpaste boxes


  • magazines
  • cardboard
  • tissue boxes
  • aerosols

What you definitely can’t recycle around the home

Recycle Now have also made some handy videos about what definitely shouldn’t be put in your recycling bin. Some of them may surprise you!


  • cotton wool
  • mirrors
  • toothpaste tube
  • nappies
  • tissues


  • drinking glasses
  • nappies
  • wet wipes
  • plastic toys


  • dirty pizza boxes
  • unfinished containers
  • laminated pouches
  • pots and pans
  • cutlery
  • kitchenware
  • crisp bags

What can I recycle in my local area?

Recycle Now has a fantastic breakdown as to what can be recycled on your street. Click here and input your postcode to find out more.