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Living / 15 March, 2018 / Ellie Thompson

Introducing Tutti Bambini’s Multi-Combination ARLO Pushchair

We welcome Tutti Bambini’s ARLO, the new kid on the block. Just launched, the ARLO is a multi-combination pushchair designed to grow with your family. We took it out for a test drive to give you the low-down.

Twin & tandem combinations

What’s great about the ARLO is that it’s an adaptable product that can be used from birth; it’s designed to offer longevity and is a great choice if you’re expecting twins, or you already have a baba, and are looking to grow your family.

Lie-flat seat unit

The ARLO comes complete with an lie-flat seat unit which is unusual in that it can be used from birth. You can of course opt for the more traditional carrycot which comes with mattress and washable lining for those longer journeys requiring maximum comfort for your very little one.


Seat position

The ARLO’s removable seat can be positioned in both forward and rear facing directions, it still surprises me that so many pushchairs don’t offer this flexibility. My daughter is 9 months but I still like to see what’s she’s up to. Once summer comes, I think we’ll switch it up, she’ll enjoy the added freedom of the world facing position. This seat can be used from birth, and is fitted with a safety first 5-point harness.

Single-hand fold and easy storage

There’s an adjustable leatherette handle that looks and feels quite luxurious. The ARLO’s frame offers the clever single-handed fold; the bonus being you don’t even have to remove the seat, it can be collapsed down very simply for easy storage. If your home is anything like mine, and littered with all sorts of baby kit, saving any amount of space is a win.

The technical bit

The ARLO’s all-round suspension makes steering a doddle, it feels lightweight to push, and is easy to get up and down kerbs. I’m told the tyres are puncture proof, which is a life-saver. Twice, we’ve been caught out fairly far from home with a flat tyre – it is my honest opinion pushchairs with inflatable tyres should come with pavement-side recovery! But fear not, the ARLO’s tyres are made from PU – for those that don’t know what this means, it stands for polyurethane – a material that offers the elasticity of rubber wheels combined with the toughness and durability of metal wheels. Aka – tyres built to last.

Car seat compatible

The ARLO is car seat compatible, which is fantastic for those early days when you want to transfer a sleeping baba seamlessly from car to chassis. It’s directly compatible with the ByGo Group o+ ISOfix car seat, but comes with a nifty set of universal adapters to suit a number of other car seats.


Shopping basket

A pushchair’s shopping basket deserves a heading all of its own; for me, it’s one of the most important aspects of a pushchair. I’m pleased to confirm that The ARLO surpasses my shopping basket requirements, it’s large, and most importantly, unlike some other pushchairs billing large baskets – it’s accessible. You can easily bung shopping underneath the seat, or retrieve your changing bag without having to get on your hands and knees and prise it out from underneath the buggy, like some weird game of one person tug o’ war. – never a pleasing experience. Well done, ARLO!

Colour customisation

We’re huge fans of customisation at My Baba, so being able to choose the look and colour of a pushchair gets a huge thumbs up from us. The ARLO allows you to do exactly that: you can choose between two chassis colours, and from five accessory pack colours to suit your style. My personal favourite is the charcoal, understated and slick.

The ARLO retails at a very reasonable £530.00, with carrycot, £690. What I like most about the ARLO (besides the shopping basket) is the fact that it offers families longevity, it’s a product that will last the distance as your family grows. The ARLO will be available for pre-order at Tutti Bambini by end of March, for delivery mid-April.

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