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The Measure: What’s Hot For Parents & Kids

There’s a buzz of excitement in the world of the parenting industry this week! So many new toys are lighting up playtime, offering fun and educational experiences for little ones. New smoothies and baby breakfast solutions are making life easier for busy parents, providing nutritious options for growing kids. And don’t miss the game-changing release from Britax Römer, the MAX-SAFE PRO car seat, setting a new standard in child safety with its extended rearward-facing capabilities. Our wish list is brimming with these picks and more, making this week an exciting one for mums and dads in search of the latest and greatest in parenting innovations.

On the My Baba Wishlist…

Britax Römer MAX-SAFE PRO: Extended Rearward-Facing Travel for a Safer Journey

In the journey of parenthood, child safety is paramount. The Britax Römer MAX-SAFE PRO car seat is more than just a car seat; it’s a guardian angel setting the new standard for child car seats. Designed to protect your child from infancy to early childhood, the MAX-SAFE PRO offers extended rearward-facing travel, providing the highest level of protection for children from 3 months to 7 years or up to 125 cm in height. Approved to the latest UN R129 regulations and passing the rigorous Swedish Plus Test, MAX-SAFE PRO ensures safety in every journey.

Role-play pioneers Casdon toys has launched a new direct-to-consumer website just in time for the Christmas shopping period.

Aptly named ‘the home of role-play,  will allow consumers to order a range of best-selling role-play toys directly from the brand, meaning parents, grandparents, gift-givers and carers can be first in line to get their hands on the latest and greatest toys as well as access free play ideas, blog posts and helpful advice all under one roof. 

With over 77 years of innovation under their belt and on a continuous mission to give children (and adults) the tools to learn through play, Casdon has also invested in a Play Ideas section where parents can download creative and educational play packs to print and use at home or on-the-go.

As a celebration of the launch, visitors to  will receive 10 percent off their first order (when signing up to the mailing list) – including best-selling toys from the Casdon range.


Tropicana Kids Smoothies

Tropicana has just launched Tropicana Kids Smoothies, a range that will make it easier for little ones to get their 5-a-day. The delicious new range comes in two mouth-watering flavours, Pineapple & Mango and Strawberry & Banana, with no added sugars.

This latest innovation marks the next step in the brand’s evolution, which has seen the market leader put a stake in the ground this summer with a bold campaign that shows that Tropicana isn’t just any juice, It’s That Juice and continues to innovate with new products to meet a wider set of today’s shopper needs.

With 1 in 10 children currently getting just 1 of their 5 a day, buying Tropicana Kids Smoothies will make nutrition an easy win for parents and caregivers, because every 150ml serving includes one of your recommended 5-a-day.


AUTOSPOUT™ Easy Clean Water Bottle, Contigo

We’re huge fans of Contigo and their water bottles for kids.

The AUTOSPOUT™ Easy clean water bottle is designed with small hands in mind, with anti-spill, leak, and full-access cleaning technology. Whether heading off to school, out on a fun activity-led day out, or just for moving around the house without leaving a trail of water behind them, the Contigo water bottle is easy for kids to carry thanks to its soft-carry loop for easy on the go transport or to hook the bottle to the exterior of a bag. The bottle is powered by AUTOSPOUT™ Technology and a spill-proof valve that provides leak-proof and spill-proof confidence to prevent any accidents.

What’s more, the lid comes with an easy one-touch button for fun one-handed sipping. Designed for ease of use, the tethered straw is attached to the lid to eliminate the risk of losing it, and the bottle spout has a cover to keep out grime and dirt. Both bottle and lid are top rack dishwasher safe, so you can keep these bottles squeaky clean and fresh!

NEW Brekkie Pouches, Piccolo

Piccolo is all about bringing nutritious options to the breakfast table, and they’ve recently launched two NEW Brekkie pouches, perfect for busy mornings when breakfast always seems to end up down their front rather than in their mouth.

The Brekkies are a blend of real fruit, gluten-free oats and creamy whole milk yoghurt, packing a protein punch with an additional source of fibre. Launched in two flavours, Strawberry & Banana and Mango & Pineapple, both Brekkies contain 15% more protein than the leading baby breakfast-based pouch and are suitable from 6+ months.

Piccolo always gives packaging another chance at being useful, so the Brekkies are 100% recyclable from home, making it easier for parents.

Toy Of The Week

Dyson Supersonic & Corrale Deluxe Styling Set, Casdon

Why settle for one incredible Dyson product when you can have two?! This Dyson Supersonic & Corrale Deluxe Styling Set is a modern-day dream team, featuring everything your little stylist needs to leave dolls, friends and family looking their very best.

Within this set, you will find the oh-so-stylish Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, which, as it should, works just like the real thing! When switched on, the hairdryer has panel lights and even blows real air! You can expect the same greatness from the Corrale Straighteners, too, which feature realistic lights and sounds. Don’t worry, though; there won’t be any dangerous heat or frazzled hair involved with these straighteners!

Fur-Be Yourself, Furby

Hasbro, a global leader in play, has revealed new research commissioned by Furby, shedding light on parent attitudes towards the increasing pressures their children face in modern-day society. Furby has been a unique symbol of self-expression since the 90s and is helping to pave the way for parents to foster environments where children can be their true, authentic selves.

The research has found two two-thirds (65%) of parents believe their children hold back from being their true selves for fear of being judged, with the same number saying children are under more pressure than ever. Research also unveiled that 8 in 10 parents (87%) believe that their daughters are more impacted by societal pressures, with over a third of parents (36%) saying that their daughters feel pressure about how they look and feel before they are even nine years old.

The pressures to conform are observed by parents as the clothes their children wear, 48% seeing content online, and 46% by their body image and how they look.

In response, Furby has teamed up with modern-day icons to shine a light on why children should be encouraged to embrace their inner quirks and smash through societal expectations. Head over to their website for interviews with inspiring role models Ellie Simmons, Lucy Edwards, Nandi Bushell and Grace Victory.



Little Town Wooden Toy Kitchen, Aldi

For those on a budget this Christmas (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), Aldi is on hand with a wonderful range of wooden toys. A yearly festive favourite, take kids on a journey of imagination and creativity with Aldi’s iconic wooden toys, with prices starting from as little as 99p! Available in stores from 19th October, those who want to get ahead on gifts this Christmas will need to hurry as with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We love this Little Town Wooden Toy Kitchen. It’s perfect for budding chefs. Featuring all of the essentials that come in a real kitchen: a back panel, a sink with a tap, a washing machine, a microwave, an oven, 2 hobs and a clock with movable hands. Not to forget all of the functional and fun accessories that are included, too. Role-play can be a great way for children to develop and learn through play.

Book Of The Week

The Enchanted Wood, Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton’s ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ trilogy has captivated readers for more than 80 years, and this landmark new Folio series will ensure that legacy continues. The Enchanted Wood introduces Jo, Bessie and Fanny as they move to a new house and discover the magical world in the woods just beyond their back door. Innocent, fantastical and full of fun, this is a trip down literary memory lane for older readers, while children will be whisked away to incredible lands on wonderful adventures as they follow the antics of Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy.

The truest text to the original 1939 publication, this is the edition that best preserves Blyton’s magical world for modern readers. The characters are reimagined by award-winning illustrator Jonathan Burton, whose artwork retains the nostalgic charm of Blyton’s world while adding a generous dose of wit and playfulness. Meanwhile, in a new introduction, Michael Morpurgo shares his memories of discovering the author, the spark that ignited a lifelong passion for reading and, ultimately, becoming a writer himself.



Love Never Dies, Lorna Gibson

A powerfully comforting book on grief and loss, Love Never Dies by Lorna Gibson is the perfect book for opening difficult conversations with young children about loss and bereavement.

Grief Encounter, 2Wish Upon a Star and many independent mental health workers have used this book as one of their key resources following a bereavement.

How to Chat Chicken, Nick Crumpton

It’s a noisy world out there. Animals have millions of languages! Insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians are all talking to each other, with grunts, squeaks and tweets, as part of the natural orchestra that is Life on Earth. Some of those noises can sound scary, others sweet… wouldn’t it be nice to be able to understand what they were all trying to say?

Author Dr Nick Crumpton acts as our translator and guide through the animal kingdom in this fun and funny book. He teaches us what our pet dog’s bark means and how an orangutan says ‘Hello!’ (Whuuu-whuuu-whuuu just in case you ever need it!). Each sound has been researched using recordings and information from scientists in the field. This book will teach you not just how to chat chicken but also gossip with gorillas, mumble with meerkats and warble with whales. You’ll be ready for any adventure into the animal kingdom.

What’s On


The Snowman Accompanied by a Live Orchestra, John’s Smith Square

This Christmas, St John’s Smith Square are hosting two days of very special performances for their youngest visitors. On the 9th and 10th of December, families will be enthralled by the timeless classic Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman, accompanied by The Southbank Sinfonia.

In partnership with Carrot Productions, world leaders in orchestra and film events for families, the enchanting programme also includes The Bear and the Piano, based on the award-winning book by David Litchfield. Featuring mesmerising music by Daniel Whibley and narrated live by a surprise guest, this captivating performance will leave the whole family spellbound.


The Home Of Role Play Is Here

Role-play rulers Casdon have launched a brand new website where you can browse and shop their full range of best-selling toys for children 2+ years.

Be the first in line to get your hands on the latest and greatest toys, be inspired, access free play ideas, blog posts, helpful advice, and download creative and educational play packs all under one roof.

Sign up to the mailing list to receive 10% off your first order.

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