The Nuna Tres is a car seat designed to stand the test of time. Built to offer the ultimate in longevity, accommodating children from birth right up to 12 years of age. The TRES is designed to stand the test of time and grow with your child from toddler to big kid.

Tres safe from birth to 12 years

This will be music to your ears – when you purchase a Nuna Tres you won’t need to purchase another car seat… ever! Let that sink in…

Yes, this is a genius seat designed to stand the test of time. It’ll grow with your child from birth, being a Group 0+/1/2/3 car seat. What we love about this seat is it gives you the capability to rear-face your child from birth to 4 years of age. The seat is then designed to be front-facing from ages 4- 12 years, when used with the vehicle seat belt and ISO connector.

The harness tucks away behind the material of the seat once you’ve transformed the Tres into a Group 2/3 booster, so there’s no need to fiddle about removing straps.

Built for comfort

No expense or expertise has been spared when it comes to comfort.

The Nuna Tres is fitted with six recline positions, two for rear-facing and four for front-facing. This is great news for those expert nappers that fall asleep as soon as you pull out of the drive.

It also has a one-hand, ten position adjustable headrest so you can adjust to seat easily to the right height for your child with ease. The side wings also widen as the headrest is raised to accommodate growing children, a car seat that’s truly thought of everything.

It comes with two seat covers – a warmer one for winter, and a cooler cover for those warmer months. Having the option of a spare will also come in handy when you want to give one a wash, we all know how mucky kids’ car seats can get.




Safety is at the forefront of design when it comes to the Nuna Tres, so you have peace of mind that your child is safe and protected in the event of a collision.

An i-Size safe car seat, it’s fitted with steel strength technology and a reinforced steel frame with ultra-resilient plastics. This seat takes side impact protection to the next level with its removable inserts, tailor tech memory foam, and EPP energy-absorbing foam.

R44 Side impact protection provides added security for the head, body, and hips and folds into the seat when not in use.

From cradling your napping newborn to supporting your independent tween, the Nuna Tres is in it for the long haul. We think this seat is a fabulous no-brainer for families that want to invest in one brilliant product that will see your child through the years.

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The Nuna Tres is available in a choice of three colours, caviar, granite and lake. RRP £300.


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