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How to Prepare Your Home for Your Newborn

Nine months are almost over and you’re more than thrilled to welcome your little munchkin to this world. You and your partner have been buying baby things for months, listing names and planning festivities. Your home is full of clothes for various seasons, toys for every month, shoes and slippers with bunnies, bears and some geeky stuff you happen to like, but you still haven’t quite prepared your home for one more family member.

Don’t panic, with this simple advice your home will be ready in no time and you can go peacefully to that delivery room.

Cleaning and disinfection

At this time, it’s good to hire a cleaning service or ask a loved one to help, since this is not the usual cleaning around the house. The so-called deep cleaning requires turning over every nook and cranny, so there’s a lot of dust involved. Also, you may want to sit this one out since the cleaning products and their vapours tend to be toxic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give instructions to your partner from the chair while sipping some herbal tea and softly singing to the baby in your belly.

Baby safety

You will be constantly vigilant regarding your baby’s safety, but there are some things you can do before they come home. Install childproof sockets and remove all the objects your child can get ahold of and swallow. Use corner guards on the sharp edges of the furniture, and keep away from the baby’s reach everything made of glass and electronic devices. Your little one will be very curious so take a good look and determine what else could use some baby proofing.

Buy clothes made of natural materials

Just like us, babies can get allergies from artificial fabrics. Buy clothes only in trusted shops and read the labels. It is very important to wash the clothes before putting them on your little one to avoid rash. Also, it would be cost-effective to wait for discounts and sales, that way you can buy quality clothes and not go over your budget. Buy several clothing ensembles that your baby will wear the most, like onesies or hats, since you’ll have to change them into new clothes sometimes a couple of times a day.

Newborn skin care products and hygiene essentials

Your baby’s skin is very gentle and prone to rashes and infections, so you should only use products specially made for them. Look for those cosmetics with a list of chemicals that are proven to be irritating and toxic. Nowadays, there are a lot of natural and organic products on the market specially designed to prevent skin reactions. Also, put sunscreen on your baby whenever they might be exposed to the sun, preferably creams and lotions with SPF 50, but no less than 30. Whenever you get the chance, in between nappy changes, let your baby’s skin breathe for a while.

Baby space

Choosing a place for a baby crib is very important since you want them to be close to you and in the perfect spot away from draft, cold spots and heat sources. If you have enough space in your apartment for a baby room, it’s time to put all that stuff occupying it in storage units for the time being and buy some new furniture, like a rocking chair and the crib.

Make sure to call the electrician to check all the outlets, the painter for new wall colour, have a handyman look at your windows and doors. But if you live in a small apartment, the baby will sleep close to you, and that means you’ll have to make room for the crib. Whatever the situation may be, brace yourself for some tough decisions, especially if you have to put away a piece of furniture you love.

Keeping your baby occupied

Get ready to provide fun time for your little buttercup with a variety of colourful toys and trinkets. They sell them in all shapes and sizes, talking, singing and squeaking, for above the crib or hanging from it, in the form of cartoon characters or cute animals – expensive and cheap. But don’t overbuy because most of the guests will bring you toys. The one thing you should have in mind is how annoying those toys will be to you, so choose wisely and make sure to mention that to your friends and family.

And finally, be joyful

This will be one of the most beautiful moments in your life – holding your baby, nursing them, cradling them to sleep, admiring their tiny hands and feet, enjoying their baby smell. Every minute will be a memento you’ll retell when they’re older and embarrass them. This is the period when you’ll make thousands of pictures and videos, and be swooned by every gesture your baby makes. It’s the magic of life so enjoy being enchanted!

Article by Chloe Smith is a cycling enthusiast, business consultant for Supercheap Storage Solutions Melbourne and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success.

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